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<ul><li><p>Integrated Real Time Tracking </p><p>The GPS / GPRS unit installed on vehicle tracking gives location, direction &amp; speed information. This </p><p>issued to compute how closely vehicles are scheduled directions. Vehicle locations are displayed on a </p><p>web base map (Google, MS Bing) by icons automatically color coded to show how strongly they are </p><p>tracking their schedules. Asset trackr monitor all fleet in the real time. The same real-time data is used </p><p>to generate displays showing predicted vehicle arrival time at parking stop. Navigation dominates the </p><p>bigger part of the mobile mapping marketplace. Mainly big mobile mapping providers (Google, </p><p>Microsoft and Yahoo) contain pedestrian navigation as an element of their service. Pedestrians have </p><p>different needs from vehicle navigation. They are not restricted by rules of road; they are open to follow </p><p>a bigger variety of paths. </p><p>A latest system integrates vehicle tracking and navigation into the similar application has been created. </p><p>The system provides door to door routing &amp; timing information for the specified journey &amp; is designed </p><p>to be used during the trip to offer up to date best journey information based on the real-time location of </p><p>vehicle. </p><p>This system utilizes a historical data model for vehicle trip time forecast. Asset trackr is aim to create the </p><p>web page more interactive and offer the user choices to select destination points on the map rather </p><p>than from a list. We also plan to enlarge the system to build it work with a GPS enabled smartphone </p><p>where the beginning point will be the present position of the client &amp; the user only specify the target </p><p>point. In adding, we plan to incorporate the full pedestrian navigation selections currently included in </p><p>our campus navigation system. </p></li></ul>


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