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  • 1. Chewing gumand its true value

2. Insulator Gum asThermal insulator 3. Why Gum would make a goodinsulator - properties- Water resistant- Cheap- Thermal Insulator- Good scent, prevent bad smells- Energy efficient - Sustainable- No Maintenance- More Comfort- Hypoallergenic- Safety- Reduces noise and vibration 4. Water resistantSynthetic rubber (which makes the majorityof chewing gum in the world) doesnt letwater mix with itself. So, if we use chewinggum as an insulator, our houses would beprotected from water.Prevents humidity. 5. Its CheapIt is very cheap and flexible: easy to adaptthe chewing gum to all types of houses.The ease and cost effectiveness saves time& money. 6. Thermal InsulatorSynthetic rubber grabs the heat, This wouldbe a great option to help out with heatingconditions. The house would be insulated inthe real sense of the word.But not only that, just like the styrofoam, itacts like a reductor of thermal energytransfer between environment or objects ofdiffering temperature. 7. "Heat flow is an inevitable consequence of contact between objects ofdiffering temperature.Thermal insulation provides a region of insulation in which thermalconduction is reduced or thermal radiation is reflected rather thanabsorbed by the lower-temperature body."From 8. Scented insulator - keep housecool while smelling good!Chewing gum, as we know, comes in various differentscents and flavors.Why not choose a strong lavender scent for our chewing-gum-turned-insulator and have a nice fresh scent everyday at our home?Different scents, usually used inhouse cleaning, could also beadapted like mint, flowers andeucalyptus. 9. Energy EfficientThe heating and cooling processesuse a large proportion of the globalenergy consumption. But theInsulator Gum its energy efficientand, for that, saves the world & theowners money.Also standing as the best sustainablealternative. 10. No MaintenanceIt has minimum recurring doesnt require maintenance, upkeep oradjustments. 11. More Comfort x HypoallergenicIt produces more comfortable familyenvironment when outside temperatures areextremely hot or cold.We are also giving the best product to themarket creating a gum with hypoallergenicbasis. Family safety and comfort is ourpriority. 12. Reducing noise and vibrationThis thermal insulator acts reducing noiseand vibration which makes your family evenmore comfortable and safe. 13. In ConclusionInsulator Gum is a great, cheap, efficient,hypoallergenic thermal insulator that alsoserves as a good scent, noise & vibrationreducer.The chewing gum we take for grantedeveryday can provide us with comfort, safetyand a relaxing environment in our house,office, and anywhere else indoors whilekeeping us cool & fresh. 14. Insulator Gum - The Fresh wayto Cool your House!