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Institutional Presentation Buenos Aires, 2009 Slide 2 Distressed assets buyer Guided by our VISION We want our clients, investors, partners and collaborators to know us for our excellence in Portfolio Management and the services we offer. We work side by side with credit providers, investors and recovery agents in the optimization of your credit assets, with the objective of making your portfolios as profitable as possible and improve the cash flow of your operations. SPEED AND FLEXIBILITY Slide 3 Distressed assets buyer EFFECTIVENESS CREDITIA is an expert organization that offers tailor made, fast and flexible solutions to credit companies. Our services are focused on the optimization of your credit processes, the improvement of your cash flow, reducing the cost of your operation, as well as making your economic and human resources more efficient. We are an organization that is specialized in the administration, purchase and sale of judicial credit portfolios. We optimize the recovery process in order to create value, distinguishing ourselves by our expertise in recovery oriented judicial actions. We create value for all parties by personalizing each operation, tailoring transactions, with the necessary flexibility to adjust to the needs of your business. We are pioneers in this field and we are active participants in Latin America. Slide 4 Distressed assets buyer CREDITIA offers services in consulting, research, optimization, due diligence, negotiation, management, auditing in the buying or selling process and/or credit portfolio management outsourcing. Our origin and structure allow us to see to operations and business of all sizes and amounts in a more efficient and profitable way. We bring together the different players who participate in credit processes enhancing their strengths, minimizing their weaknesses, creating synergies and generating win-win situations for all involved. We choose LONG TERM partners that have proven to be specialists in the acquisition of overdue portfolios, a strategic and important consideration in the short term for financial institutions. CUSTOMIZATION Slide 5 Distressed assets buyer Creditia is the ideal partner in acquisition of portfolios in the Argentine market (1/2) CREDITIA is a company strategically made up by partners with extensive experience in the local and Ibero-American Market. Creditia partners are controlling partners in the following companies: GSA Collections: A collection call center that has been doing business since 1989 with an important portfolio of clients which include, CITIBANK, Consolidar ART, Standard Bank, Asociart S.A.ART, Itau Bank, Telmex MetroRed, HSBC, Claro, New Bisel Bank, Movistar, BBVA Frances Bank, Nextel, Santander Rio Bank, Diners Club, Comafi Bank, Galicia Bank, Macro Bank, Providian Bank, Carta Sur, Garbarino, Carsa S.A., C&A Modas, Edelap S.A. and Favacard among others CMS Credit Management Solutions: The leading company in Ibero-America that provides a space for the interaction of professionals in Credit and Collections. Today they operate in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, the United States, Spain, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela where five thousand professionals actively participate in their annual meetings. Dres Blousson Bureau: A firm founded in 1902 by Dr. Silvestre Hilarion Blousson. It is well recognized in the fields of Civil and Commercial Law in Buenos Aires, their main clients are Buenos Aires City Bank, Itau Bank, Santander Rio Bank, BBVA Frances Bank, and the Argentine Financial Company (AIG) among others. To be Creditia`s partner, is an excellent opportunity, due to its high level of specialization and track record in Portfolio Purchases . Creditia Group is made up of Creditia S.A., Vicaria S.A. and Asset Solutions S.A., who have been making acquisitions since 2004, today tallying $300 million in purchased portfolios, 50 thousand credits, operating with a network of more than 150 law firms all over the country. The group is pre-qualified in the principal banking entities (Santander, BBVA, HSBC, Citibank, Itau, Macro) to acquire portfolios; given their economic backing, responsibility and knowledge in management. Portfolios Acquired: Slide 6 Distressed assets buyer Creditia customizes every operation, structuring them so as to optimize the investment and security for the holders... CREDITIA tailor makes each operation maximizing value for the parties. Each transaction utilizes a legal device that allows us to optimize the operation, giving security to holders and investors. How can we put this into practice? An example of Possible Operations. One time operation: an operation is carried out for a determined portfolio. Forward Flow: The seller promises to sell his accounts portfolio that becomes over due for a pre-established period, generally with a minimum of six months. This guarantees the vender a constant flow of income for the term of the contract. Administrative Contract: Adjudication of a portfolio for a given time period with the objective recovery assured and with an option to buy if the fixed objectives are achieved. Tailor Made Operations: According to your needs, the characteristics of the portfolio and the search for added value in each transaction. TRUSTS CONCEPTUAL CHART Trustor Trustee Contract Assets Objective TRUST Partners in Structure : Deloitte&Touch Gestin Fiduciaria S.A. Cohen S.A. Slide 7 Distressed assets buyer 5 Reasons to choose CREDITIA as your Partner Expertise and Track Record Flexibility Innovation Principles Fair Play TRANSPARENCY Slide 8 Distressed assets buyer EFFECTIVENESS We develop services with positive results through greater efficiency in the cash flow of our clients. Slide 9 Distressed assets buyer TRANSPARENCY We provide clear, honest and trustworthy solutions maintaining strict confidentiality in all information that is administered during our processes. Slide 10 Distressed assets buyer SPEED and FLEXIBILITY We move quickly based on a structure that finds solutions, free of red tape, to optimize the credit and collection processes. Slide 11 Distressed assets buyer CUSTOMIZATION We adjust our services to the needs of our clients. At CREDITIA, neither small nor big businesses exist, only mutual win win opportunities. Slide 12 Contact details Slide 13 THE END