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  • Instant Scratch-Its Game Announcement $5 Crosswords Game (Coastal) 7900

    This game is conducted by Golden Casket Lottery Corporation Limited (GC) in QLD, TAS and NT, by NSW

    Lotteries (NSWL) in NSW & ACT, by Tattersalls Sweeps PTYLTD in VIC and by Lotteries Commission of South Australia via its Master Agent Tatts Lotteries SA PTY LTD. Prizes can be won across GC, NSWL, TATTS and


    PLAY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Scratch the YOUR LETTERS panel to reveal a

    letter at a time (total of 20 letters to be revealed). 2. Scratch each letter in the CROSSWORD panel

    that matches the letter revealed in the YOUR LETTERS panel.

    3. Check how many complete words (explained below) are formed by the letters that have been revealed in the CROSSWORD panel in step 2 above.

    4. If there are three or more complete words in the CROSSWORD panel, you win the corresponding prize shown in the PRIZE LEGEND.

    5. The EXTRA WORD is a separate game. The EXTRA WORD panel does not form part of the CROSSWORD panel to make up a prize listed in the CROSSWORD PRIZE LEGEND. Eg. Revealing the EXTRA WORD and two words in the CROSSWORD panel does not equal 3 words in the CROSSWORD PRIZE LEGEND.

    6. Scratch each letter in the EXTRA WORD panel that matches a letter revealed in the

    YOUR LETTERS panel. 7. If you reveal all five letters in the EXTRA WORD

    panel, you win the EXTRA WORD PRIZE.

    Requirements for a complete word: A complete word must have a minimum of 3


    Letters combined to form a complete word must appear in an entire unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence in the CROSSWORD panel (a word space).

    A complete word appears only in the CROSSWORD panel and must occupy an entire word space

    In this example, CAB, BIN, CABIN or NET

    are not a complete word. CABINET occupies the entire word space and forms the complete word.

    If there are letters in a word space that are not amongst the letters in the YOUR LETTERS panel then a complete word cannot be formed in that word space.

    Prize Legend - Number of Words

    3 words = $7 4 words = $12 5 words = $25 6 words = $50 7 words = $150 8 words = $750 9 words = $10,000 10 words = $100,000

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    No. of tickets/pool: 6,300,000

    Ticket Price: $5 (Incl. 40 Agents Commission)

    Return to Players: 60.00%

    Odds of winning a Prize: 1:3.54

    Prize Odds of 1 in:

    No. of Winners

    3 Words $7 10.00 631,000

    Extra Word $7 16.67 378,000

    Extra Word $10 23.26 270,900

    4 Words $12 18.18 364,500

    Extra Word $25 56.25 40,320

    5 Words $25 64.10 98,280

    6 Words $50 630.00 10,000

    Extra Word $50 1,228.07 5,130

    Extra Word $150 23,333.33 270

    7 Words $150 10,500.00 600

    8 Words $750 21,000.00 300

    9 Words $10,000 630,000.00 10

    10 Words $100,000 2,100,000.00 3

    TOTAL 3.54 1,780,313