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<ul><li><p>Speakers</p><p>Kate SwanbergDirector of Product</p><p>Marketing Koombea</p><p>Matt FlammanVP of Business</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>Agenda</p><p>Kate Swanberg: </p><p>- Everything is mobile: Mobile usage trends worldwide and in the US </p><p>- On-site mobile and consumer behavior</p><p>- Mobile user engagement techniques, how to do it</p><p>- Future trends</p><p>Matt Flamman: </p><p>- What is Wi-Fi marketing and how to use it</p><p>- Mobile marketing best practices- example</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>You know it! Everything is mobile </p><p>Mobile usage trends</p></li><li><p>Mobile changes the way we buy and sell. In 2014, 1 in 3 US consumers said smartphones were the </p><p>most important shopping tool.</p><p>80% of consumers use mobile devicesinside a store to engage their shopping experience, up from 64% in 2012.</p><p>Source: DnC</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Think redlaser, retailmenot, groupon, cnet, the find.</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>The most common?Comparison shopping (59%), searching for coupons (48%) and product reviews (47%), obtaining additional information (29%). Retail stores are the top venues for consumer mobile usage (31%), followed by restaurants (21%), service-related venues (19%) and financial institutions (15%). CHASE excepted checks in their mobile channel.</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Emma Crowe, VP of client strategy for Somo </p><p>50 % of shoppers believe they are better informed than sales staff and store associates, in part because of </p><p>what mobile connectivity allows them to do </p><p></p></li><li><p>What are mobile consumers </p><p>experiencing in your store?</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>You walk into Walmart check your phone for a better price </p><p>or you just go buy on Amazon Instead!</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>Amazons one-click is too convenient. </p><p>Has this happened to you?</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>Preferred locations of mobile use by US smartphone owners </p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Generated on OurMobilePlanet</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Generated on OurMobilePlanet</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>The question is how do we take </p><p>in-store marketing and makeit a mobile experience?</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>There are many ways to do it: </p><p>1. Mobile app campaigns2. Beacon technologies3. Mobile apps w advantage in push </p><p>notifications4. Gamification in apps5. Wi-Fi</p></li><li><p>Mobile App Campaigns1.</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>Success story 1:</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>IKEA catalogue app offers the user an interactive experience, for example through a feature that allows the users to project the images of furniture into their own houses.</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Success story 2:</p><p>Starbucks mobile app offers fast and easy payment features that enhance user experience. Additional offers and perks like the Pick of the Week program are used to engage the customer.</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Beacon Technologies, are you using them yet?</p><p>2.</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Beacons are low-cost hardware, small enough to attach to walls or countertops. </p><p>They are types of transmitters that can deliver targeted information to a users mobile device whenever they go near it with an enabled app. </p><p>They alleviate the limitations of GPS and Wireless signals indoors.</p><p>What is Beacon Technology?</p><p>Sources: Business Insider,</p></li><li><p></p></li><li><p>Want to buy them?</p><p>Want to buy them? Go to their website:</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>What does it have the potential to do?</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>The Major League Baseball (MLB) gave fans an interactive experience through the use of Beacons.Fans who had the relevant app installed could receive useful information on their phones, like the map of the stadium, a digital version of their ticket, merchandise offers and additional information of the team.</p><p>Success story:</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Its vital that they only interrupt their mobile customers to add value to their day </p><p>not to disrupt it.</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>The beauty of push notifications</p><p>3.</p></li><li><p>Sources: CNET, ComputerWorld, Business Insider</p><p>Push notifications are a powerful way to engage users, so long as you dont overuse them. Incorporation of Beacon and iBeacon technology for Location-specific push notifications. Allows retailers to target specific locations &amp; demographics. Mobile users are more likely to continue using an app if they are actively engaged and incentivized.</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Example: An iPhone user with the Best Buy app Installed on their device walks by a </p><p>storefront or in-store display which triggers a push notification advertising a flash sale 30% off LCD TVs or offers loyalty program as an </p><p>incentive.</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Push messaging campaigns can be highly successful and result in a </p><p>50% increase in open rates compared to email.</p><p></p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Ask users to opt in to push notifications upon app install or after the first time they use an app. </p><p>Highlight the benefits of opting in &amp; Be transparent about how users can opt out later.</p><p>Create user segments &amp; use targeted language. Dont batch &amp; blast everyone!</p><p>Push Notifications Best Practices:</p></li><li><p>The initial rush will be towards annoying push marketing, the real value will come from enriching customer experiences, e.g.</p><p>1. Logging where I parked my car </p><p>2. Allowing me to show my shopping list against the physical store layout</p><p>3. Enable rich content relevant to the product I am in front of</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Caution</p></li><li><p>Bad Blast</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Targeted Message</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p> </p><p></p><p>Push Notifications Resources</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Gamification4.</p></li><li><p>Success story: Betterworks</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>A fun way to boost user engagement &amp; loyalty is by gamifying your app. </p><p>Creating contests and leaderboards. </p><p>Offering virtual currency or prizes (hey bitcoin!) </p><p>Providing an in-app centralized hub that offers videos, merchandise, tutorials of your product / app. </p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Example: A local coffee shop builds out an app that allows users to pre-order their coffee and pick up in-store. The app allows users to check-in, from here leaderboards are generated by frequency of check-ins and orders. Discounts could be offered to high scoring customers, and who knows, perhaps the next time a user picked up their coffee there was a free T-Shirt waiting for them as well. Simple really, and companies like FourSquare have been massively successful with very similar models.</p></li><li><p>Success story: Badgeville</p><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Badgeville is a business gamification company that helps increase user engagement. It provides companies with the right platform to measure and influence user behavior. It specializes in community engagement, omni-channel commerce, customer acquisition.</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>- Zichermann, Gabe; Cunningham, Christopher (August 2011). "Introduction". Gamification by Design: Implementing Game Mechanics in Web and Mobile Apps (1st ed.). </p><p>- "Gamification by Kevin Werbach". University of Pennsylvania/Coursera.</p><p>Gamification resources</p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Consumer shopping trends will continue to move towards mobile because of its ever-</p><p>increasing ease of use and mobility. </p><p>The introduction of Beacon &amp; iBeacon technology brings with it implications of future incorporation of technology for </p><p>analytics, engagement, and marketing in retail and beyond. </p></li><li><p>@koombea #MobileExperience</p><p>Wi-Fi5.</p></li><li><p>H O W W E U S E W I F I T O C R E AT E U N I Q U E I N - S T O R E M A R K E T I N G O P P O R T U N I T I E S</p></li><li><p>2 0 1 4 WA S T H E F I R S T Y E A R W E S P E N T M O R E T I M E , P E R D AY, O N O U R M O B I L E D E V I C E S T H A N O U R D E S K T O P S A N D L A P T O P S .</p></li><li><p>S I N C E T H E B E G I N N I N G 2 0 1 4 , M O B I L E M A R K E T I N G I S U P 2 0 0 % , B U T I T I S S T I L L U S E D B Y L E S S T H A N H A L F O F A L L M A R K E T E R S . T H AT I N C L U D E S M A R K E T I N G P R O G R A M S U S I N G S M S , P U S H N O T I F I C AT I O N S , M O B I L E A P P S , O R L O C AT I O N -B A S E D F U N C T I O N A L I T Y </p><p>- 2 0 1 5 S A L E S F O R C E S TAT E O F M A R K E T I N G </p></li><li><p>KPCB Internet Trends Report</p></li><li><p>S O W H AT D O E S T H I S M E A N F O R W I F I ?</p></li><li><p>7 1 % O F A L L M O B I L E C O M M U N I C AT I O N C U R R E N T LY F L O W S O V E R W I F I - W I F I A L L I A N C E</p></li><li><p>8 2 % O F L A R G E T O M E D I U M - S I Z E D R E TA I L PA R T I C I PA N T S H AV E A L R E A D Y D E P L O Y E D I N - S T O R E W I F I - I H L G R O U P</p></li><li><p>8 6 % O F S E N I O R - L E V E L M A R K E T E R S S AY T H AT I T S A B S O L U T E LY C R I T I C A L O R V E R Y I M P O R TA N T T O C R E AT EA C O H E S I V E C U S T O M E R J O U R N E Y.</p><p>- S A L E S F O R C E 2 0 1 5 S TAT E O F M A R K E T I N G</p></li><li><p>T O C R E AT E T H AT C U S T O M E R J O U R N E Y, M A R K E T E R S R AT E T H E S E 3 T E C H N O L O G I E S A S M O S T I M P O R TA N T </p><p>1 ) M O B I L E A P P L I C AT I O N S 2 ) M A R K E T I N G A N A LY T I C S 3 ) C R M T O O L S</p></li><li><p>S O H O W D O E S S O C I A L S I G N . I N U S E W I F I T O H E L P M A R K E T E R S W H O WA N T T O I M P L E M E N T M O B I L E M A R K E T I N G A C C O M P L I S H T H E I R G O A L S ?</p></li><li><p>W E A D D A M A R K E T I N G L AY E R O N T O P O F G U E S T W I F I N E T W O R K S </p></li><li><p>Presented by Mike Perrone</p><p>H O W S O C I A L S I G N . I N W O R K S</p><p>Your customers dont need to install any apps, and youll never need to give out a WiFi password again.</p><p>Customers activate devices once with </p><p>Facebook or email, allowing them to quickly </p><p>connect at any location</p></li><li><p>A C H I E V E A N Y M A R K E T I N G G O A L</p><p>Email acquisition </p><p>Mobile app download</p><p>Social likes &amp; engagement</p><p>Traffic to your website or any URL</p></li><li><p>Presented by Mike Perrone 917-796-8424</p><p>E A S Y T O U S E T O O L S</p><p>API &amp; CSV downloads to easily connect with CRMs and apps you already use </p><p>A real time analytics dashboard thats actionable and easy to understand</p><p>Social data insights to help you connect with your customers</p></li><li><p>No additional hardware necessary.</p><p>Personalized calls to action in minutes.</p><p>Immediately learn about your customers.</p><p>G E T S TA R T E D I N M I N U T E S</p></li><li><p>4xMONTHLY APP DOWNLOADS</p><p>41xROI ON EMAIL ACQUIS IT ION</p><p>500%MORE FACEBOOK </p><p>ENGAGEMENT</p><p>Y I E L D T H E H I G H E S T E N G A G E M E N T</p><p>S U C C E S S S T O R I E S</p><p>Using, weve seen app download conversions as high as 55% at the world famous Apollo Theater! Dexter Upshaw Jr.</p><p>Digital Media Producer Apollo Theater Foundation, Inc.</p></li><li><p>T H A N K Y O U</p><p>Matt</p><p>631-807-6494</p></li><li><p>Have questions? </p><p>We are here to help.</p><p>Email us at </p><p></p><p>@koombea </p><p>#MobileExperience </p><p>/koombea</p><p>@socialsignin </p></li></ul>