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Being Different is Nothing Wrong. We are living much more comfortably because of some great people who though differently. If you don't think differently, you can never be unique and give something new and valuable to the world. So, standing out from others is a great criteria for being famous. This PDF Book is about Some inspirational Being Different Quotes by Famous and successful people. They will surely make you understand how important is being different in life.For More: may visit above placed link if you are looking for more motivational quotes and inspirational stories. You will also find there so many motivating videos, Inspiring pictures, posters.. etc.


<ul><li><p> </p><p>Famous Being Different Quotes and Sayings Pictures </p><p>By </p><p> "Read these Famous Being Different Quotes and learn how important they are in life. Being unique is something awesome. Being unique is nothing wrong, It sometimes means bringing something new and standing out from others. Be innovative in everything and make the world much more interesting and beautiful. "</p><p>No two persons are alike. This is one of the underlying principles of human beings. </p><p>Even twins are not exactly the same. So, dont blame yourself if you think you are </p><p>not like any other else around you. </p><p>Famous Being Different Quotes | Quotes about Being Different </p><p>If you think you are unfortunate because youre not like other people around you, </p><p>these Being Different Quotes will probably prove you wrong. </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#01 6+3=9butsodoes5+4.Thewayyoudothingsisntalwaystheonlyway</p><p>todothem.Respectotherpeopleswayofthinking.</p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#02 </p><p>Beingdifferentsimplymeansyouhavesomethinguniquetooffertheworld. </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#03 Dontjudgeme.Iwasborntobeawesomenotperfect.</p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#04 </p><p>DonottrytobeDIFFERENT.JusttrytobeYOURSELF.Everyindividualisdifferentandjustbeingyoumakesthedifference!</p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#05 </p><p>Stoptryingtofitin,whenyouwereborntostandout.</p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#06 </p><p>Thebiggestchallengeinlifeistobeyourselfinaworldthatistryingtomakeyoulikeeveryoneelse.</p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#07 </p><p>The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever </p><p>seen before. </p><p>AlbertEinstein </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#08 </p><p> When youre the only sane person, you look like the only insane person. </p><p>CrissJami</p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#09 </p><p>Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. </p><p>RalphWaldoEmerson </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#10 </p><p>Agreatrelationshipisabouttwothings,first,findoutthesimilarities,second,respectthedifferences.</p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#11 </p><p>Be different so that people can see you clearly amongst the crowds. </p><p>-MehmetMuratIldan </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#12 </p><p>In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. </p><p>CocoChanel </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#13 </p><p>Fitting in allows you to blend in with everyone else, but being different allows you to be yourself, to be unique and to be more creative. </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>-SonyaParker </p><p>Quote#14 </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>I think being different, going against the grain of society is the greatest thing in the world. </p><p>-ElijahWood </p><p>Quote#15 </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>So youre a little weird? Work it! A little different? OWN it! Better to be a nerd than one of the herd! </p><p>MandyHale </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#16 </p><p>We spend so long trying to be what other people want, that when we look in the mirror, we see a stranger. </p><p>AnthonyT.Hincks </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#17 </p><p>Being different and thinking differently make a person unforgettable. History does not remember the forgettable. It honors the unique minority the </p><p>majority cannot forget. </p><p>SuzyKassem </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#18 The psychology of individual creativity is about at least three different things. First, creativity is about thinking differently. Second, creativity is about feeling </p><p>differently. Third, creativity is about focusing, or committing, differently. -MaxMcKeown </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#19 </p><p>Im different than everyone else because everyone else is not me. </p><p>-JulianAguilar </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#20 </p><p>Dont compare yourself with anyone in this worldif you do so, you are insulting yourself. </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>-BillGates </p><p>Quote#21 </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>You all laugh at me because Im different, I laugh at you because youre all the same. </p><p>-JohnDavis </p><p>Quote#22 </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Dont be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else. </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Quote#23 </p><p>I dont set out to be different, I set out to be me, people think its different. </p><p>-LilWayne </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Some More Inspirational Quotes about Being Different </p><p> We do not choose to be born. We do not choose our parents. We do not </p><p>choose our historical epoch, the country of our birth, or the immediate </p><p>circumstances of our upbringing. We do not, most of us, choose to die; </p><p>nor do we choose the time and conditions of our death. But within this </p><p>realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we live. </p><p> One persons craziness is another persons reality.-Tim Burton </p><p> The truly important things in life ,love, beauty, and ones own </p><p>uniqueness , are constantly being overlooked. Pablo Casals </p><p>Individuals differ from each other in different aspects. You dont have to be like everybody else in order to fit in. What you are is a gift to you and you have to be proud of it. </p><p>www.</p><p>moti</p><p>vatio</p><p>nalpic</p><p>tureq</p><p>uotes</p><p>.com</p></li></ul>