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  • 1. Insolation Quiz ReviewStudy: Insolation Study Guide andSolstices & Equinoxes Packets

2. Whats the Difference in terms of absorbing solar radiation? Black shingles will absorb more Light shingles will be cooler 3. How does energy from the sun get toEarth? ElectromagenticWaves 4. Ultraviolet vs. InfraredShort, but strongLong & WeakWavesWaves 5. Convection Caused by density differences 6. Good absorbers are good radiators ofenergy Solar panels heat up quickly, but cool off fast 7. Conduction Not too smart Those molecules are going to collide 8. 1st Day of Summer in NorthernHemisphere 9. Why is it warmer at the equator then the Poles? 10. Short waves in, but long waves get trapped 11. Angle of Insolation and Seasons NYS A= Summer B= Fall/A= 71.5 DegreesSpring B= 48 Degrees C=Winter C = 24.5 Degrees 12. Equinox 13. Altitude of Sun June 21st Estimate Latitude60 degrees N latitude will have about a 30 degree Angle of insolation 23.5 degrees N latitude will have direct or a 90 degree42 degrees N latitudeAngle of insolationwill have about a 70 degreeangle of insolation 14. Seasons March 21st Dec 21stJune 21st Sept 21st