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  • June 5 & 6, 2012INSA Rouen / France

    International Conference and Exhibition

    DIESEL POWERTRAIN Innovative Technologies for Future Emissions Targets

    insa rouen 2012

  • > ORGANISINGThe Socit des Ingnieurs de lAutomobile (the French Society of Automobile En-gineers) is a society officially considered as serving the public interest. Its purpose is to represent technical excellence in the automobile industry through its expert and knowledge sharing networks. The SIA draws its members from the ranks of automobile engineers and technicians and all those active in promoting automo-tive engineering. SIA has 2 000 members and a network of over 8 000 engineers, technicians and research workers behind it.

    GENERAL CHAIRNoureddine GUERRASSI / Delphi

    VICE CHAIRMENPierre DURET / IFP SchoolManolis GAVAISES / City University of LondonFederico MILLO / Politecnico di TorinoAmin VELJI / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

    ORGANISING COMMITTEECharles BAILLY / LMMPhilippe BERNET / RenaultMarc CHARLET / Ple MoveoChristophe DUTHOIT / Conseil Rgional Haute-NormandieOmar HADDED / Tata MotorsSandra TAMION / INSA de RouenJean-Christophe LAMODIERE / KistlerMichel LIFERMANN / SIAStphane MARTINOT / PSA Peugeot CitronSylvain MICHON / Volvo Powertrain FranceJean-Jacques MILESI / SIAGatan MONNIER / D2T Powertrain EngineeringDaniel PFRIMMER / SIAVanessa PICRON / ValeoThomas RLLE / IAVRmy SCHMITT / Robert BoschOlivier SUJOL / DIRECCTE Haute-Normandie

    SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEEJean-Jacques BASSET / RenaultLucio BERNARD / Fiat Powertrain TechnologiesChristophe BOULY / Faurecia ExhaustGiovanni CIPOLLA / IAREBertrand DEMORTIER / ContinentalGaetano DE PAOLA / IFP Energies nouvellesCarlos GUARDIOLA / CMT Universidad Politcnica de ValenciaNeville JACKSON / RicardoJan MACEK / Czech Technical University Koji MORIKAWA / Fuji Heavy IndustriesAndreas PFEIFER / LiebherrPhilippe PINCHON / IFP Energies nouvellesJean-Charles RICAUD / LMMDaniel RTTGER / Ford Research CentreBianca Maria VAGLIECO / Istituto Motori


    > CONTACTPauline SENIS Event Project Manager / Socit des Ingnieurs de lAutomobile79 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau - 92158 Suresnes Cedex - France

  • International Conference and Exhibition

    DIESEL POWERTRAIN Innovative Technologies for Future Emissions Targets

    > CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVESMost market studies confirm that conventional internal combustion engine will re-main the dominant propulsion technology for domestic and industrial applications in the future worldwide market. Taking into account the promising additional tech-nical improvements under development, and the economic context, it is expected that the internal combustion engine will maintain its leading position for at least the next two decades.

    By further enhancing its fuel economy and reducing smoke emissions through the integration of particu-late filter, the diesel engine is still considered as one of the most promising powertrain solution for future

    roadmap is mainly focused on the complementary ways of optimised combustion efficiency including its operation with alternative fuels, NOx exhaust after-treatment devices integration and electrical manage-

    CO2 emissions and fulfil future emission regulations, the additional features and devices like stop-start with regenerative brake, thermo-management, low pressure EGR, NOx aftertreatment and exhaust emis-sion sensors will be integrated on future Diesel ap-

    cost, the integration of all these features would lead to reduced Diesel engines value, specifically on small

    to minimise the increase of cost pressures and ensure that functional innovations will compensate the trend

    The international SIA Diesel Conference is an excep-tional opportunity for experts working in the develop-ment of passenger cars, commercial vehicle, heavy duty, industrial and off-road applications, those of equipment suppliers, petroleum industry, consultant engineering establishments, research laboratories, and universities to share their technical solutions and

    the different automotive industry players and com-mon understanding of real technological challenges, this attractive exchange event will contribute to pro-vide answers to the environmental and technical-eco-

    SIA is organizing the 2012 edition of the traditional in-ternational diesel conference at the INSA de Rouen in partnership with the Moveo automotive cluster, University of Karlsruhe, City University of London

    -gates from leading automotive industry, commer-cial, government and research organizations around the world attended this event to share knowledge

    The 2012 edition will focus on the innovative tech-nologies for future CO2 emission targets with main

    strategic keynote presentations, panel session and debate with participants from the top management of automotive companies, technical and policy papers,

  • TUESDAY JUNE 5 / 04:00 PMInnovative technologies for future emissions targets: threats or opportunities for Diesel powertrain?

    Christian CHAPELLEVice President Powertrain and ChassisPSA PEUGEOT CITRON

    John FUERSTGeneral Manager of Diesel SystemsDELPHI

    Gaspar GASCON-ABELLANVice President Powertrain Plan, Projects and Partnerships RENAULT

    Daniel KAPPGlobal Director Powertrain Research & AdvancedFORD

    Thomas PAUERVice President Common Rail Injectors Development ROBERT BOSCH

    Detlev SCHPPESenior Vice President Division PowertrainCONTINENTAL


  • International Conference and Exhibition

    DIESEL POWERTRAIN Innovative Technologies for Future Emissions Targets



    A.M.OFFICIAL LANGUAGEFrench and English: simultaneous translation provided for the plenary sessions

    The afternoon before the congress, on June 4th, SIA will organize two visits:

    08:00 Attendees registration / Exhibition opening


    09:00 Opening address

    09:30 Keynote 1 - Jacques Prost, Senior Vice President Powertrain Engineering - Renault, France

    10:00 Keynote 2 - Daniel Kapp, Global Director Ford Powertrain Research & Advanced - Ford, Germany

    10:30 COFFEE BREAK


    11:00 Integrated Technologies for Cost Effective CO2 Reduction

    Ricardo, UK

    Reduction of Powertrain Calibration Cost thanks to Computer-Aided Calibration

    Implementation of the early Injection highly premixed Combustion Concept in a Two-stroke

    -versidad Politcnica de Valencia, Spain

    11:30 PC Diesel for EU6 and beyond - The Efficiency Engine Concept as a Cost-effective Solution

    -serhofer - AVL, Austria

    New calibration Method and Tool to minimize Emissions on Cold-start driving Cycle

    Energies nouvelles, France

    NOx-Reduction by a New Split Injection Strategy

    Technology, Germany

    12:00 The New RENAULT dCi 110 1.5l Diesel Engine

    EGR Cooler : Drift of Efficiency & Permeability by Modelisation

    PCCI Combustion with RME and Ethanol in a Transparent Euro5 Diesel Engine

    -tori/CNR, Italy

    12:30 LUNCH BREAK



    02:00 From Pure Electric Vehicle to Diesel Extended Range Electric Vehicle: a Case Study for the Design of a Hybrid Powertrain based on Real Vehicle Requirements and Use

    Abdelli - IFP Energies nouvelles, France

    Innovative Process for Reducing Emissions of Particulates

    Physique, France

    et de Physicochimie des Matriaux et des Interfaces, France

    New Advanced Diagnosis for Diesel Injection Analysis and bio Fuels: a Federative Project around Hydraulics of CR Systems

    de lAdour, France

    02:30 A System Approach for Cost Effective CO2 Reduction

    Ford, Germany

    Benefits of Low Concentration Fuel Borne Catalyst on Catalyzed Soot Filters and Introduction of E-SIS, a New Versatile Additive Dosing System

    Cavitation Simulation and Experimental Verification using a New Diesel Nozzle Design Concept

    - City University London, UK

    03:00 Dependability (RAM) and Diagnosticability on PSA Hybrid Diesel

    PSA Peugeot Citron, France

    Emissions and Fuel Consumption Trade-offs of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine Equipped with Electrically Heated Catalyst

    technologies, USA

    Cavitating Flows in Diesel Injector Nozzles and Impact on the Atomization

    CORIA, France

    03:30 COFFEE BREAK

    04:00 PANEL SESSIONInnovative technologies for future emissions targets: threats or opportunities for Diesel powertrain?

    Christian CHAPELLE, Vice President Powertrain and Chassis - PSA Peugeot CitronJohn FUERST, General Manager of Diesel Systems - Delphi

    Gaspar GASCON-ABELLAN, Vice President Powertrain Plan, Projects and Partnerships - RenaultDaniel KAPP, Global Director Powertrain Research & Advanced - Ford

    Thomas PAUER, Vice President Common Rail Injectors Development - Robert BoschDetlev SCHPPE, Senior Vice President Division Powertrain - Continental

    05:30 SHUTTLE SERVICEto Rouen City Centre


    07:15 SHUTTLE SERVICEto the Gala Dinner venue

    08:00 GALA DINNER

    End of dinner

    SHUTTLE SERVICEto a list of hotels

  • International Conference and Exhibition

    DIESEL POWERTRAIN Innovative Technologies for Future Emissions Targets


    A.M.08:00 Opening



    NOx-Storage Catalysts for EU6 and beyond

    Advances in Tabulation Tech-niques for Detailed Prediction of Diesel Engine Emissions with 3D CFD

    -gies nouvelles, France


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