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Digitize your consumer learning for lower cost, faster insights and ideas about your consumer.THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO DIGITAL ETHNOGRAPHY2THE POWER OF DIGITAL ETHNOGRAPHYDigital ethnography is an immersive technique that uses online channels for consumer learning. Researching and sorting through digital content is becoming more popular with brands since it provides access to in-depth, timely information about consumers lifestyles. It also enables brands to: Look at real-time consumer sentiments Find and capture examples of microtrends or emerging trends Find previously undiscovered pain points Know what consumers are saying about a brand Gather intelligence on potential community influencers or industry insiders Act more quickly on changes in the marketplace Save time and money by doing research right at your desk Understanding the consumeris everyones job.3YOUR 3-POINT CHECKLIST TO GET STARTED You dont have to use all the tools mentioned in this guide, but it does help to start with these 3 things in mind:DESIRED OUTCOME TOOLS TO CAPTURE YOUR AUDIENCE4YOUR 3-POINT CHECKLIST TO GET STARTEDYoure ready to start to explore the world and better understand the consumer experience. But first, capture your research objectives, or the main questions you seek to answer with your research. Within Batterii, create a project Room so that you can have an interactive space for all your observations and content you will be gathering. Capture desired outcomes on your Research Brief to frame your problem as accurately as possible from the get-go. Add any other key goals, background knowledge, or other supporting assets you already have to support your Brief.PRO TIP Set up some of the tags you might want to use to categorize all your observations and assets during your exploration.DESIRED OUTCOME: WHAT ARE THE QUESTIONS YOU WANT TO ANSWER?Youre putting time and resources into your digital research, so define what success might look like.5Creativity hinges on connecting all the observations weve catalogued.YOUR 3-POINT CHECKLIST TO GET STARTEDTOOLS TO CAPTURE: HOW WILL YOU STORE, ORGANIZE & SYNTHESIZE ALL YOUR OBSERVATIONS?It is now time to make sure you have the right tools to capture all your information. Begin to design the Walls of your Batterii Room to be as specific as you need, where each Wall represents a common theme or topic youre exploring.Setting up your group of Walls this way will make your sense-making even easier later. Your Batterii Walls will capture screenshots, websites and articles, sticky notes, videos and photos you find. Later, youll be able to drag, drop, sort and filter in this space.Install the Batterii Web Clipper (a browser extension) so you can capture and clip links, screenshots, images, or notes right from any website. The Batterii Web Clipper lets you send them directly to the Batterii Wall you choose.PRO TIP Add a Batterii Backdrop such as the Empathy Map to add a visual that will guide you as you frame and communicate your findings. 6YOUR 3-POINT CHECKLIST TO GET STARTEDYOUR AUDIENCE: WHERE ARE CONSUMERS SPENDING TIME?Just like with any other kind of market research, digital learning is most effective when we know a starting place of where to look for our consumers. We want to see what they are thinking, how they are behaving, and what their journey looks likeand that requires observing them in their natural state online.Do your best to capture what you know about consumers communities, preferred social media channels, or what kind of content they consume. Your research can help you uncover, challenge or confirm what you already know about your target audience. PRO TIP Think about consumers relative to their lifestyle, how they make decisions, what they value, how they find meaning and anything you know about their aspirations.Innovation is fueled when we know how consumers think, feel & behave.7GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEB Heres a look at a few activities you can utilize to see how consumers live, play, and work. LISTEN EXPLORE MONITOR8LISTEN: REMOVE BIAS & TAKE NOTICE TO RECOGNIZE CONSUMER WANTS & DESIRESA crucial step in keeping our finger on the pulse of the consumer is to take time to listen to them. To build authentic relationships, to build our capacity to empathize, and to know the language they speak, we first have to dedicate time to hear and observe their natural conversations and behaviors across social media.Setting up our social listening tools means we can cut down on the time required to keep tabs on our consumers. It is also one of the best ways we can stay up-to-date on diverse and ever-changing consumer sentiments. PRO TIP While being efficient with research is important, listening activities can take many paths and a lot of time. We recommend limiting yourself to a certain amount of time for each session.GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEB93. Use to search and discover new, relevant hashtags being used on Instagram. You can also use the site to efficiently look through who an influencer followers on Instagram.1. Search Yelp to read consumer experiences and to see their recommendations. This tactic can be especially useful when looking at independent businesses rather than chains.2. Use Facebook search to look at conversations around specific hashtags or to see consumer reviews and comments. You can also use Facebook search to look for real-time posts, photos or links being shared. Simply use the search bar along the top or go to Filter the search results along the top of the site by Top, Latest, People, Photos, Videos, Pages, Places, Groups, Apps and Eventsgiving you just about everything you might want to find.Yelp WebstaFacebookSearchGET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEB104. Use to search hashtags, see top recent media related to that hashtag and to see some of the top influencers using that hashtag. By going to the related hashtags section of the site, you can also find other tags that are closely related to any given topic. 6. Never miss what people are posting at an event or given location, whether you are there in person or not thanks to Pixifly. Pixifly allows you to search photos that are being shared by your location of choice. 5. Visit LinkedIn publisher if you want to find fresh content around areas or topics that you want to know more about. You can discover new content by exploring news outlets, general topics (called channels), brands/publishers and influencers. Hashtagify PixiflyLinkedInPublisherGET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEB117. Take advantage of Twitter search to see what is currently happening around the world. Use the advanced search on your desktop to filter by specific phrases and words, hashtags, date, comments made by location, positive or negative tone, and more. You can also click More Options and then Save this search for the future. Next time you go to your search box, that saved search will display for quick access.8. Join a Twitter chat to get an inside look at a specific community. These are chats, held on Twitter, where people come together to discuss a topic thats important to them. Twitter chats can also help you narrow in on people or groups you want to further engage. Depending on your objective, you can just listen or join the conversation.TwitterSearchTwitterChatPRO TIP As you search through Twitter, use the Web Clipper to capture all your observations. Dont worry about organizing everything at firstlater you will be able to use the drag and drop feature in Batterii to move content assets from one Batterii Room or Wall to another as you sort and synthesize.GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEB12GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEBEXPLORE: SCOUR & SEARCH FOR DISCOVERIES ABOUT THE CONSUMER & THE MARKETPLACEExploration allows us to see and observe the often complex, intricate and up-close realities of our consumers, or aspirational consumers, online. In other forms of market research, we may have to ask questions that were able to see unfold right before our eyes in the digital realm. Instead of having to ask consumers about their routines, why they act a certain way, or what their opinions arewere able to see that information in real-time.PRO TIP Mixing up where you lookand how you lookwill give you a more diverse set of observations to work from.139. Use to see a real-time, social media snapshot that shows you topics being discussed on the Internet. You can see similar keywords to any given search query, hashtags that are used with the topic, and a real-time view of sentiment for that topic. GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEBSocial MentionPRO TIP You can take any number of search queries you create, and make an RSS feed for each.1411. Use Google Maps to see reviews for places, including photos people have uploaded. Sometimes it will also feature other reviews you can browse through. 10. Explore apps such as Swarm or Foursquare to see what people about saying about the places they visit. You can see reviews, insider tips, and even photos they have posted.GoogleMapsSwarmGET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEBPRO TIP As you gather more assets, dont forget about Batterii global search which lets you easily find content no matter where you originally placed the asset within Batterii.15PRO TIP Use Batteriis Web Clipper as you go through your top blogs and find something you want to save for later. 12. Sometimes we can get intelligence on our consumers or competitors by lookingback in time. Use The Wayback Machine to see any website thats been archived on the web. Simply type in any URL and you can capture and save a website as it used to appear.13. Quora has been called the best answer to any question. Utilize the Q&A site to see questions and answers being asked to a community of people. You can even ask a question yourself. Be strategic when you sign up for an account, since youll be able select certain topics you want to follow and receive notifications for.GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEBWaybackMachineQuora1614. Use Followerwonk to search social media profiles (and even bios) to find your target audience. You can also use the site to compare social media users to one another. Once youve identified an influencer or specific audience, you can see when they are most engaged on Twitter and where they are located. 15. Use Twitter lists to take advantage of the work other people have done. You can use Twitter lists to find groups of likeminded users you want to monitor and/or engage with. If you visit the Twitter profile of an influencer, click on Lists to see what list they are member ofor even what lists they subscribe to and follow. In many cases youll find more people on Twitter who share their interests.GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEBFollower-wonkTwitterListsPRO TIP You can create your own Twitter lists: start by creating a few private lists of influencers, loyal consum-ers or even brands you want to keep an eye on.17GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEBMONITOR: RECEIVE UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION TO IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH CONSUMERSSocial monitoring gives us the ability to see who is talking about our brand. Were able to grow our relationships with consumers by monitoring the conversations happening around our categoryor brand.Monitoring is powerful because it lets us see what consumers are saying online, in real-timeno matter where they are located. But effective monitoring tactics also give us a better, more accurate sense of long-term sentiments held by our consumers.PRO TIP Having information pushed directly to us saves us time since we dont have to go out and search the web for it ourselves.18GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEB16. Looking for the most relevant influencers on any given topic? Use Buzz Sumo to see the most shared content, broken down by social media network. Then see the other articles that link to any specific piece of content, which can help you better understand a niche community. Besides filtering by date, language and content type, you can even save searches. After you fine tune results to get what youre looking for, set up email alerts to stay on top of the most shared and the most relevant authors in any niche.17. Use Google Alerts to set up timely notifications on specific phrases from anywhere on the web. Never miss out on an article or information you want to hear again. Visit the Google Alerts site and type in the topic, just like if you were doing a Google Search for that theme. You can monitor your brand, a competitor, or a specific topic area: simply use those phrases, and select how often you want those alerts to be sent to your email. Google even gives you a preview so that you can see the kind of articles that would be pushed to your email.BuzzSumoGoogleAlertsPRO TIP Want to see another brands most popular content? With Buzzsumo, you can view the most popular content for any given domain.19GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSUMER IN THE SOCIAL WEB18. Media monitoring and social listening tools like save you time by optimizing the keyword monitoring process, and they also help you cut through the noise. Using Mention, you can create a dashboard that lets you watch how your brand is being talked about. After setting up your alert(s), you can select how you want to filter and then analyze through a custom report. A report is created that will show trends, sentiment, top sources and more. Its a useful tool whether you use it for specific campaigns, to watch the competition, or to analyze emerging trends over time. 19. Use a service such as Hootsuite Syndicator or Feedly to take advantage of content that can be pushed to you. Services such as Feedly (RSS Readers) save you time and allow you to efficiently read dozens of blogs and digital publications. Instead of having to visit each blog or site you want to follow, you can see the latest, all in one centralized place. You can organize your content and even get ideas for new blogs similar to those youve subscribed to.20. If you dont want to use an RSS reader, consider taking advantage of email newsletters. Maybe your target audience regularly consumes a certain blog or publication. Dont overlook how simple it is to subscribe to that blog so you can stay up-to-date on what they are reading. You can even set up a separate email address where you deliver all the content. Then, catch up on all your newsletters at once. Mention EmailRSSReaders20ORGANIZE & PRESENT YOUR LEARNINGSYouve collected a wealth of knowledge. Now youre tasked with cross-pollinating your findings & formalizing what you learned.You now have captured deep knowledge about the consumer, including previously unarticulated insights into their beliefs and aspirations. You are ready to start organizing, making sense of all your observations, and building on those ideas within Batterii. Open up the problem solving process to your team as you nurture your ideas, build solutions and evaluate them. If you started with questions or a hypothesis to frame your research, work with colleagues to connect the dots to support or argue against those initial hunches. Batterii helps provide the ideal living, breathing repository to deposit all your support, research, new ideas and insights. Use sticky notes, color-coding, and backdrops (visual guides) such as Storyboards, Timeline, Experience Map, Empathy Map, Business Model Canvas, Persona Maps, and more, to drive more solutions and possibilities.Use Batterii to organize your learning and build ideas.21SUPERCHARGE YOURSOCIAL LISTENING Social media intelligence is most useful when content is shared and insights are acted upon. Its not just about listening, monitoring or capturing content: the power comes from what you do next. Make social scraping a habit by scheduling at least 30 minutes per week to listen, review and then build upon information you discover. Before you know it, youll have a wealth of information on how your brand is perceived, whats on the mind of consumers, and you will have your finger on the pulse of any marketplace shifts. What are the tools you use as you look to build more loyal consumers? Let us know at @Batterii on Twitter.Make it part of your routine.22A Smarter Way to Capture & Synthesize Your Digital EthnographyIf you want a more savvy way to curate, aggregate, prioritize and synthesize your insights, give Batterii a try. Visit or click here to schedule a demo. http://www.batterii.com


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