Innovation for Inclusive Growth

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  • 1. Innovation for Inclusive Growth

2. Growth Core Infrastructure Access- Road, Rail, Air.. Power Employment Governance Education Health Quality of Life 3. Telecom Growth Fast Deployment Affordable Less Capital Mobile Growth and Reach Rural Penetration Connected World- Broadband + Internet Digital Divide- Limited Access to few 4. Bridging Divide Govt Investment in unviable areas- NOFN OFC 5+ Lac Rkm, 250,000 Panchayats, Tapping Existing Infrastructure N/W Capacity from District to Block Access N/W to Villages + Households Devices Mobile Hand sets, Tablets, Computers etc 5. Innovations Technology High BW access n/w Video, Picture, data Low power consumption- Solar, UPS User Devices Mobiles, laptops, tablets, PCs Data Center - Cloud Infrastructure and content Mgt Affordable and simple 6. Innovation - Application Education Vocational Regular classes Structured Content development Reform process and Involvement Health Tele-medicine Health Mgt System Content Development Reform process 7. Innovation Application Contd. Governance Transparant Access to Public Info Community portals/ Blogs Citizen centric services- Mission mode projects Utilities, Banking Entertainment Television Movies Social media 8. ICT- Fulfilling Billion Dreams Equitable Sustainable Affordable 9. Thanks