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Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID) Policy Seminars

MPhil in Inclusive Innovation

OUR JOURNEY.We are on journey towards transformative innovation & change:

REIMAGINEsystems &solutionsKNOWour people &systemsDEMONSTRATE& TESTsolutionswe will question what is and reimagine what can beget behind models and solutions that can transform our world &

Learning with andfrom the peopleand systems we serveIGNITE &ADVANCEchange(makers)inspire and supportchange(makers)across Africa#Alternatively, search for innovative solutions that can transform our world?2




#MPhil Clusters


MPhil learning approach

MPhil Modules

Design Thinking for Inclusive InnovationValues-Based Leadership in Business Model InnovationEntrepreneuring in Emerging Markets Defining Innovation

One of the most overused, vague terms of our time?

Since Joseph Schumpeter, more than 50 definitions and definitional debates in academic literature

Two key features of most innovations:

Something new (original, fresh, improved)That creates value (of some kind, for someone/thing)

The WHAT of innovation (products, processes etc)The WHY of innovation (the purpose solving problems and/or realising new possibilities?)

Incremental vs disruptive innovation

Prof Gerard George on inclusive Innovation

Defined as an innovation that benefits the disenfranchisedIs a process as well as a performance outcomePoints to inequalities that might arise in the development and commercialisation of innovationAcknowledges the inequalities that might occur as a result of value creation and capture

Some important notes:Includes all forms of innovation: products, services, processes, institutions, business models, supply chains etcDistinguish between process and outcomes both are important (even if outcomes are not fully realised)

Definitions we have an affinity for on the MPhil

Inclusive Innovation: the development and implementation of new ideas which aspire to create opportunities that enhance social and economic well-being George et al, 2011

Social Innovation: A novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just, than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals. Westley & Antadze, 2010

Related Concepts

Meeting 1:Discussion of options & literature

Meeting 2:Discussion of research plan

Meeting 3:Draft proposal feedback

Meeting 4:Fieldwork preparation

Meeting 5:Fieldwork discussion & analysis

Meeting 6:Draft dissertationfeedbackModule 1March 2 9Elevator Presentation (5 mins)Conceptual Proposal (8-10 pages)Ethical ClearanceLearning Portfolio

(180 hours)Module 2May 18 25 Elevator Presentation (5 mins)Literature Review (20 pages)Supervisor MoULearning Portfolio

(180 hours)

Module 3August 17 24Elevator Presentation (5 mins)Research Proposal (15-20 pages)Learning Portfolio

(180 hours)

DeliverablesNov 30 December 5PrototypePresentation (30 mins)Dissertation (80-100 pages)

(900 hours)

19 April

Identify supervisorGSB FacultyMPhil Supervisor ListUCT Faculty

Pilot & FieldworkPrototypeStrategyImplementation and field notes

(360 hours)

Ethical Clearance21 July

Literature Review30 Aug

ProposalHand-InFeb 2016

FinalHand-InMPhil TimelineAppendix UCT GSB Entrepreneurial Support EcosystemNetworking SupportOnline connected community

GSB Entrepreneurs Academy


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