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This Teaching Professor workshop, January 11-12, 2013 offers instructors the opportunity to enliven any course and to rediscover their own passions for teaching by adopting learner-centered approaches, tools, and techniques. When you are finished, you will be able to evaluate any course, recognize what could be changed, and determine how to make the improvements without the major effort and time commitment of redevelopment or redesign.


  • Workshop FacilitatorsInfusing Learner-CenteredStrategies Into Your Course capturesthe collective experience and insightof these innovative and award-winning professors:

    Day 1 January 11Continental Breakfast The Rationale for Active Learning Technology Obstacles and Opportunities Overview of Effective Learner-CenteredActivities and Strategies

    LunchSyllabus Review Syllabus Review (individual work)Breakout Sessions: Pick One:

    Effective use of group work Effective use of writing Effective use of technology

    Dinner on your own Individual Appointments with Facilitators

    Day 2 January 12Continental Breakfast with OptionalDiscussion of the Readings

    Breakout Sessions: Pick One: Hybrid Course Designs Technology Pedagogy Assessing Learning

    Individual Work Lunch Feedback from Peers Implementing Change Successfully Answering Unanswered Questions


    Workshop Pricing Per PersonPostmarked on or before

    12/28/20121 person ................................$1,2992 to 4 people..........................$1,1995 or more people....................$1,099On-site registration after 12/28/2012:


    Discover the best learner-centered strategies at

    Infusing Learner-CenteredStrategies Into Your CourseThis two-day workshop is designedfor faculty members from anydiscipline who want to revitalize acourse they have taught before (eitheronce or a dozen or more times) andwould like insight into the mostcurrent, research-based, learner-centered instructional strategies,techniques, technologies, and tools. During this two-day, in-person

    event, you will also explore, develop,and refine your own ideas for usinglearning-centered instruction toupdate your courses and improve yourstudents educational experiences andsuccess.

    In this hands-on workshop you will: Identify aspects of a course orpersonal instructional strategiesthat are not learner-centered

    Determine what can be updatedor changed to reflect currentstudent-centered instructionalphilosophies

    Decide how much change isappropriate for any course at anyparticular time

    Locate and secure appropriateresources, such as newtechnologies, to incorporate intoexisting courses

    Coherently incorporate newcomponents into an existingcourse

    Evaluate how changes affectstudent outcomes

    This exclusive workshopincludes: An overview of recent research

    documenting the power of activelearning and learner-centeredinstruction

    Strategies to increase the amountof active learning and learner-centered teaching in a course

    Evaluation of your own coursesyllabus

    Opportunities to interact withworkshop presenters for targetedfeedback

    A workbook, filled with ideas,advice and other tools, to takeback to campus

    Peer interaction and feedback Breakout session selection,

    allowing participants to tailor theworkshop to their needs anddesires

    Two breakfasts and two lunches Four free 20 Minute Mentor

    programs (a $396 value!) tocomplement your learning andshare on campus

    Location Austin, TXAustin is the venue for the 2013

    Infusing Learner-Centered StrategiesInto Your Course workshop, and wecan smell the brisket already. And with300 annual days of sunshine and year-round average temperatures of 70degrees, Austin is about as inviting as itgets as winter sets in.

    The host hotel is the Marriott AustinDowntown and is offering reducedroom rate of $149 for enrollees of thisworkshop.

    Dr. Yearwood is a wealth of knowledge.

    The knowledge in the room. Awesome!

    This is one of the most productive workshops Ive attended.

    Really made me think about class in new way.

    Dr. DaveYearwood


    Dr. Ivan (Ike)A. Shibley, Jr.

  • A hands-on, two-day intensive workshop covering the best pedagogical learner-centered strategies.Register early this workshop is limited to 75 people!

    The Teaching Professor Workshop2718 Dryden DriveMadison, WI 53704

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    Register by December 14, 2012and we will mail you these four 20 Minute Mentorprograms FREE! Thats a $396 value included inyour registration fee. Learner-Centered Teaching Where Should I Start How Do I Get More Students to Participate in Class? What Can I Learn from Student Ratings? How Do I Assign Students to Groups?

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