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Freightcom is a full service logistics provider, specializing in LTL shipping. Visit us today at to view our freight and shipping rates, and to take advantage of our shipping cost calculator.


  • 1. Information About LTL Shipping

2. Information About LTL ShippingIn reality, shipping is a huge part of the global businessscene. Any product that is imported or exported must beshipped by some means and in many cases it is down toa science. A few hours here or there can make a hugedifference for both the company shipping the goods andthe one receiving them. One type of shipping thats usedin many different industries and in many parts of theworld is called LTL shipping. 3. What Is LTL Shipping?LTL shipping stands for less thantruckload and basically it meansthat the shipment in questiondoesnt require a full trailer. A fulltruckload is typically a 48-foot or53-foot trailer, so when a shipmentis lass than these youre gettinginto the LTL domain. 4. What Is LTL Shipping?Just like many carriers specialize in full-size loads, there are also carriersthat specialize in LTL shipping. Some of the characteristics you may find inLTL shipping include: Specialized services such as lift gate, residential pick ups or deliveriesand protect from freeze. Shipments made in van trailers or enclosed trailers. Companies that wont accept shipments that dont fit in the designatedtrailers. Multiple shipments being transported in the same truck. Strategically positioned terminals that enable carriers and drivers canconsolidate all of the freight that must be picked up and delivered. 5. How Do Rates Work?There are a handful of factors that go into determining the rates forLTL shipping. These include the: Class Weight of the load. Zip codes of the pick up and destination locations. Any extra services the shipper wants included. Fuel costs Volume of each shipment. 6. How Do Rates Work?Each carrier will have its own formula, but ingeneral LTL shipping is more cost effectivethan using full-sized trucks when itsunnecessary. It makes more sensefinancially to split the cost of the load withother companies that also do not have a full-sized load to send. 7. Importance of PackagingAll products that are sent via LTL shippingmust be packaged well and labeled properly.Since there are different types of productstraveling within the same shipments, thelikelihood of one product damaging anotheris higher if they arent well packaged.Companies that package their shipmentsproperly will often realize discounts from thecarriers they use, because they dont have tobe as fussy about which products theyinclude in a shipment. 8. How Do I Choose a Carrier?If you are a company that does a lot of shipping, and feel like youdgain an advantage with LTL shipping, its important to choose theright carrier. Look for a carrier that has: Competitive rates Experience in the industry. A wide variety of services. Good reviews Good customer service Dont be afraid to shop around and kick some tires, so to speak, before youcommit to using just one. 9. Benefits of LTL ShippingFull truckload shipping certainly has itsplace in the world, but LTL shippingalso has its share of benefits. The FTLshipping model only runs from point Ato point B, but LTL carriers movearound more like a courier company orparcel shipping company, picking up alot of pieces and unloading them at acentral hub or terminal. 10. Benefits of LTL ShippingSome of the benefits of LTL Shipping include: More accessible services Delivery and pick up to non-commercial sites. Notification services Partnership with airlines and railroads for greater cost-efficiency. A better fit for scores of businesses. 11. Benefits of LTL ShippingNo shipping method is without glitches or imperfections,but a niche like LTL shipping will always appeal to all ofthe companies that for one reason or another just donthave full truckloads to ship. 12. Further ReadingFreightcom is a full service logisticsprovider, specializing in LTL shipping. Visitus today at toview our freight and shipping rates, and totake advantage of our shipping costcalculator.


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