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Informal learning activities using mobile devices



2. EXAMPLES OF INFORMAL LEARNING USING MY MOBILE DEVICE FROM MY LIFE, IN SCHOOL AND OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. 3. COLLABORATIVE: I use my mobile phone extensively for social media platforms like Google+ and Pinterest where I can read articles pinned or shared by people or communities that I follow and on topics that interest me. At the same time, I can share articles and resources that I find interesting and would like to share with others. I share the class blog that we have created for our experiential Learning class on Google+. I also use Google+ to share photos with family and friends. 4. LOCATION AWARENESS I use the GPS on my smart phone to locate new places like the office of Passport Seva Kendra which has shifted to a new location since I got my passport made, or the Hyundai agency in the Industrial area. Recently on a visit to Srinagar with my sister, I realized that there were no fast food joints in Srinagar or Pehalgam. I googled for these places, and not surprisingly, I did not find any. I could only find two outlets of CCD in Srinagar. Food chains like McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza hut were conspicuously missing. 5. DATA COLLECTION I click pictures of my students doing various activities in their Physics class. These are used for the school website, school newsletter, occasionally uploaded on facebook and sometimes for my Mtech ET class. I made a collage of the cards that my students gave me on Teacher's Day and wrote an article on the Learning Engineers blog. 6. ADMINISTRATION I recently downloaded a mobile app called Homework for use by my students. Even though my students found it quite time consuming and cumbersome to use, I like some of its features and hope to use it more effectively with my older students. I also use the calendar on my smart phone as a planner. I use it to plan and maintain my schedule, code and store important information and make daily and weekly to-do lists. 7. REFERENTIAL I often use the English dictionary to find the meaning of new words that I come across. I also encourage my children to do the same. They find it more interesting to look for the meaning of a word on a handy mobile device, than in a dictionary which they first need to find, because they wouldnt know where it is, or would be too lazy to go and get! 8. INTERACTIVE When my daughter started learning German, I used the translator on my phone to translate from English to German and send her messages in German. I thought I would be able to learn a little of the language and at the same time help my daughter stay in touch it with the language she was learning and finding extremely difficult.


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