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Vegan plate per dayGrain- 6-11 servings (Nutrients)Vegetables- 3 or more servings (protein)Fruit- 3 or more (vitamins A and C)Fortified soymilk & alternates- 6-8 servings (Calcium)Beans & bean alternates 2-3 servings (Fiber)8-12 glasses of water per day.

High blood pressure Approximately 30% of the UK populations have high blood pressure. (Heart diseases, strokes and kidney failure) Many studies show that vegetarians, and vegans in particular, have lower blood pressure than meat eaters.

Cholesterol The most recent study, in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition February 2014, was a cross-sectional analysis of 424 meat-eaters, 425 fish-eaters, 423 vegetarians and 422 vegans. It showed that cholesterol levels in vegans were the lowest of the four groups.

Weight Between 1996 and 2011, obesity rates in the UK have almost doubled; 24% for men and 26% for women. In 2011, 9.5% of children aged 4-5 starting schools were obese. In 2011, 53% of men and 44% of obese women were found to have high blood pressure. During 2011-2012, hospital admissions due to obesity were over 11 times higher than in 2001-2002. Veganuary products100s of vegan products reviewed and recommended by people like you

Frozen- Fry meat free Mince Mexican burrito

Fresh- Midas Boursun Garlic Herb Creamy Cheese

Ice cream- Bessant & Drarys Vanilla Flavoured coconut Milk ice cream