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Stats and facts from Andrew Garberson's article on Google. Great stats that every digital marketer should know.


  • 1. Google Facts and Stats that Every Marketer Should Know-d revenue Google will make this year by owning 31.45% of the global digital ad market. of the US search engine market is controlled byGoogle. 67PercentIt 80PercentD@Insurance Banking Legal1 . IlI90 Of GooglesPercent . 'mevenue this yearwill comefrom digital advertising. 44BillionC9 Of Googles ad revenuelast yearcame frommobile.Percent60 Of midsized DUSIFIESSESused GmailOf the global smartphone market is held by Android OS with about 1.6 billion units. Of the US market is made up of . ".. ndroid's 76 million users. 500Millionorganic and paid spots in the Google search results as second spots. 20Industries with the highest cost- per-click | 'CPCl on . l.. d W0 rd 5Gmail accounts with 1 billion Android installations. and 92% ofE startups.50 Of businessPe I-Cent websiteslboth largeand smallluse GoogleAnalytics.Source:http: //www. Iuname1:rics. com/ blog/2014/08/05/20-googlefactsstatsmarketer]Of the browser market isconrolled by Chrome, putting it in second place. Unique VouTube users each month who consume 6 billion hours of content. 1BillionIII?THIS INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY CARVER TECHNOLOGYCONSULTING,LLC.www. carvertc. comCARVERlE(: HNOL0(; r l IJLHNG