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Our white paper discusses the challenges faced by designers managing many information sources and the tools they can take advantage of


  • 1.FAST FORWARD: HOW DESIGNERS CANMANAGE INFORMATION OVERLOADKEY TAKEAWAYS Effective technology helps creative professionals nd, capture,store, and share content while enabling them to work the waythey want. Curated content and aggregation tools save time whileimproving content quality. A cloud-based approach greatly simplies content capture,storage, and use. storage, and use.THOUGHT LEADERSHIP SERIES

2. TOO MUCH OFA GOOD THING?The Internet has become a virtually unlimited source of inspiration forcreative professionals. With the explosion of websites, messaging,social media, and cloud computing, the amount of available informationis staggering. According to International Data Corporation (IDC),the worlds volume of digital content is equal to 2.7 zettabytes2.7followed by 21 zeros bytes. Ninety percent of that is unstructured data,such as images, videos, MP3 les, and social media.Rich, yes. Easy to nd, retrieve, and manage? Not exactly.In the past, fashion trade magazines, travel, and library research providedinspiration and industry information. Today, creative professionals havethe world at their ngertips. They can scour design and celebrity blogs,fashion websites, news sites, e-commerce sites, and social mediaoutlets ranging from Pinterest to Tumblr and Facebook. They can ndmusic, exhibits, lms, and openings of stores, hotels, and restaurants. Searchable Image LibraryResearch on raw materials, scientic and technological developments,competitors, retailers, and demographics is much simpler.can view all of their content and projects. Now it takes only minutes tosynthesize, edit, and assemble content into mood boards. DesignersYet, thousands of information sources can create a new problemcan also upload images from their mobile devicesanywhere andtoo much raw data. With new sites and social media applicationsanytimeand automatically save them to a virtual workspace folder.appearing (or disconcertingly disappearing) daily, nding high-quality,Once stored, les are available for access anytime, anywhere, with anyconsistent sources of original content is challenging. Traditional Googledevice, without having to worry about translating le formats or savingsearches are time-consuming and inefcient. Once found, content hascontent on external devices.been difcult to capture, save, and share. Synchronizing les betweendesktop computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets simply adds tofrustration.No onefrom rst-time assistants to senior design executiveshastime to sift through millions of images and thousands of news articlesCAPTUREand then deal with the hassles of keeping good content where it canbe used. Creative professionals crave big picture messages, likerecaps, must-haves, key colors and items, and editors picks, to useINSPIRATION WITHas a springboard for a season. They can now benet from innovativetechnology to store, manage, nd, and share content while enablingCURATED CONTENTAND EXPERTISEthem to work the way they want.Were past the initial giddy phase of Internet growth where every newSTORE AND MANAGEcapability was an improvement over old ways of nding information.Design professionals today need content distinguished by itsCREATIVE ASSETS INprofessionalism, consistency, and timeliness. Technology tools andcurated content puts high-quality sources of inspiration at designersTHE CLOUD ngertips.GET TRUSTED EXPERT PERSPECTIVESCloud-based storage is revolutionizing the way that we store and useCurated content services offer a wealth of relevant, original contentcreative assets. For example, image libraries with millions of images for up-to-the-moment sources of inspiration or news. For example,can be stored and managed cost-effectively. Designers can searchStylesights Sites That Inspire offers a continually curated collection ofitems and narrow down selections in seconds, and with a click, they websites selected for their leading-edge thinking and creativity. 3. The best sources of curated content are always evolving, often withinformation updates and images added daily. Designers can count onfresh inspiration each time they visit, and combine curated contentwith user-generated content, such as Pinterest and Tumblr, with theirown favorites for instant portfolios of inspiration. Fast, easy access tosuperior content streamlines workow to deliver product design that ison-trend for better sell-through and fewer markdowns.COLLABORATE WITHEASY-TO-USE TOOLSContent in the cloud, curated services, and access to premium contentis enhanced with technology tools that support easy sharing and Sites That Inspire collaboration. Look for a tool that enables designers to view sharedfolders, instantly send images or content to design colleagues, andA similar feature, Retail & Showrooms, enables professionals to easilyedit on the yall with a click.research the latest products from competitors and aspirational brands.Here, you can quickly skim the six must-know contemporary brands, Global organizations also use private Pinterest, Tumblr, and blogthe most inuential footwear trends, or see how Le Bon Marche features to easily and effectively communicate across distances andcelebrated its 160th anniversary. time zones. Other tools that can enhance collaboration include Skypeaudio and video conferencing and other conferencing solutions suchCurated content also saves time and highlights important must-dos as Go To Meeting and WebEx.for fashion-related travel. Style Traveler scouts the best offerings fromthe worlds leading design cities and delivers top picks of places tostay, eat, and drink; rened lists of the best local shops sorted byHOW STYLESIGHTneighborhood; and exhibits, sights to see, museums and ways to relax.GATHER FRESH CONTENT QUICKLYImage libraries make it possible to pull together ideas in seconds, and REDUCEScurated content targeted to specic interests saves hours of time thatwould otherwise be spent searching across the Internet universe. Forexample, if your interest is footwear, the most pertinent footwear news,INFORMATIONanalysis, trend information, and blogger perspectives can be delivereddirectly to your mailbox or personal workspace. OVERLOADStylesight is the industry-leading content and technology solutionfor professionals in the style, fashion, and design sectors. Ourmission is simpleto inspire and enable creativity. The Stylesightplatform provides a system for management to inspire creativity withdemonstrable cost savings and return on investment. At the sametime, it provides creative professionals with unmatched breadth anddepth of images, proprietary expert content, curated information, andtools for search, storing, arranging, and sharing ideas and inspiration.Our 200+ person team combines proven forecasting and trendanalysis, the industrys largest image library, and workow tools tomake the creative journey more inspirational, as well as more efcientand cost-effective. Today, 3000 companies rely on Stylesight every dayto be their eyes and ears in the most important fashion cities and toprovide the latest trend, business, materials, and sourcing information.Our missionto inspire and enableis changing the face of fashion Retail Analysisevery day. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP SERIES 4. Stylesight is the industry-leading content and technology solution for professionals in the style, fashion, and design sectors. Ourmission is simpleto inspire and enable creativity. The Stylesight platform provides a system for management to inspire creativitywith demonstrable cost savings and return on investment. At the same time, it provides creatives with unmatched breadth and depthof images, proprietary expert content, curated information, and tools for search, storing, arranging, and sharing ideas and inspiration.NEW YORK GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS:LONDON EMEA HEADQUARTERS:+1 212 675 8877 | +44 (0)20 7613 6280 | uk@stylesight.com25 West 39th Street, 14th FloorUnit 1G | Zetland House, 5-25 Scrutton StreetNew York, NY 10018 London, EC2A 4HJHONG KONG APAC HEADQUARTERS: STYLESIGHT CHINA in partnership with CTIC:+852 2530 0553 | 21 6278 7201 | china@stylesight.com702-703 7/F Winway Bldg. 50 Wellington Street7F32 ShanghaiMart | 2299 Yan-an-xi-luCentral, Hong Kong Shanghai, China, 200336For more information visit www.stylesight.comTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP SERIES