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  • Infant Feeding & Nutrition
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  • Structure Introduction Breastfeeding basics Formula Feeding basics Complementary Feeding Growth monitoring
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  • Introduction F irst 1000 days between conception and a childs 2 nd birthday : impact ability to grow, learn and reach full potential S outh African Constitution / UN Committee on Rights of the Child / Convention of the Rights of the Child : HUMAN RIGHT OF A CHILD TO HAVE BASIC NUTRITION AND ACCESS TO FOOD S outh Africa: Double burden Malnutrition and Obesity/Overweight and diet related chronic diseases
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  • Breastfeeding Basics Most Natural body designed to breastfeed Benefits are endless Has ALL the essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates to sustain optimal growth Bonding FREE!!! Right temperature Easily digested
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  • Maternal antibodies to boost babies immune system Seldom Have problems with constipation/ diarrhea Prevent allergies Prevent obesity MOM: Lose weight, Lowers the risk of Breast Cancer/ Ovarian Cancer WHO : Exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months and continuing with breastfeeding with the addition of complementary feeds until 2 years
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  • BreastMILK Colostrum: - Rich in nutrients and antibodies First immunization!!! - Lines the digestive tract, enhances immunity - Small amount all baby needs - Sick baby: express feed with cup or spoon Foremilk Hindmilk
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  • Basic tips Quiet calm room Prepare before the feed tea/water/good chair/raise feet ENJOY!!!! RELAXATION NB! Stress hormones inhibit Milk production hormones Comfortable position/ style to feed
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  • MAKE sure baby latches correctly top and bottom lip must form a snug seal Incorrect latching will hurt you Help if you are hurt: - Nipple creams/ shields/ laser/ physio Breast feed on demand Some take their time, Some are barracudas!! Let your baby tell you when he is full and NOT the clock First 2 weeks feed every 3-4 hours - Should not go longer than 5 hours without a feed
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  • Involve Dad/ Going to work Express BREAST milk for cup or bottle feeds Room air 6 hours Refrigerate 48 hours Frozen 3 months - Date your milk use the older milk first - Freezer bags/ breast milk storage bottles (BPA free) - Get a pump which you are comfortable with
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  • Breastfeeding help Check that your hospital is baby friendly and supports breastfeeding Be weary of well meaning but inexperienced help Midwife/ Neonatal Sister Baby Clinics Lactation Consultants (with a National Postgraduate Lactation Certificate) Support groups (eg La Leche League
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  • Breast milk Banking The South African Breast Milk Reserve (SABR) - Public benefit organization - Supplies and redistributes donar milk to prems amongst 70 hospitals/ 8 provinces - Meticulously screened and packaged More info or email
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  • Formula Feeding Not all moms able to breastfeed NO : Cows milk, Goats milk, Skimmed milk, Coffee Creamers, Milk powders Composition of Formula strictly controlled by global standards board (European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) Specific maximum and minimum requirements Formula in the same classes are nutritional interchangeable
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  • Types of formula Standard Cows milk formula (protein similar to cows milk) STARTER (stage 1) birth to 6 months FOLLOW ON (stage 2) 6 months to 1 year Growing up milk (stage 3) milk for toddlers 1yr 3yr
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  • Specialized formula Partially hydrolyzed / hypoallergenic (protein broken down) Lactose free formula Soya based Anti reflux Acidified Preterm SPECIAL INDICATIONS MUST BE DISCUSSED WITH PAED/GP/Dietician
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  • Additional components Pre and Probiotics - Eases digestion - Decrease frequency and duration gastro - Reduce risk of antibiotic associated gastro - Improves immunity Omegas (Long chain fatty acids) - neurological, cognitive and visual development Nucleotides - Increased weight gain and Head circumference
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  • Preparation of Formula Hygiene !! Hygiene!! Hygiene!! Wash hands Boiled cooled water Measure water Measure power - LEVEL of scoop - Not more not less - Use the scoop provided - Read the instructions on the tin - Make sure properly dissolved
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  • Basic formula rules Always check the temp BEFORE feeding infant Make enough for a single feed Do leave lying around at room temp Do not feed the infant unattended Do not use the microwave to heat the milk - Changes the protein - Uneven Heating No harm in changing formula just dont chop and change to quickly
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  • Sterilization ALWAYS sterilize ALL bottles and teats Boiling bottles for 15 min teats for 3-5 min Steam sterilizers Chemicals - Hypochloride solutions follow the instructions on the bottle sterilizing fluid carefully some changed daily, others weekly
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  • Baby poo!! Newborn poo Meconium Breastfeeding poo Bottle feeding poo Starting solids poo Constipation Small dry hard pellets - Incorrect mixing formula - Fever - Dehydration - Changes in fluid intake - Medication Diarrhoea Runny, more often, larger amounts - Infection - Too much fruit or juice - Medication - Food Allergy/ Sensitivity
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  • Complimentary Feeding Discovering new things and mess!! WHO Breastfeed until 6 months EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT Gentle flavor and texture Try one meal, 3 days in a row then change Good started options: rice cereal/ butternut/ carrots/ pears/apples/ bananas squash mixed with margarine/ sunflower oil / peanut butter 8-9 months chicken/lamb/ fish By 1 year 3 meals a day with milk feeds being complimentary snacks (at least 2 per day) SPECIAL DIET Discuss with Paed and Dietician meeting all the nutritional requirements and ?supplements
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  • Growth Charts Monitor Babies growth Weight for age Length/ height for age Weight for length Head circumference Body mass index
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