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  • 1. enviacon international | | German Aerospace Industry Jan Christoph Wiedemann, CEO, enviacon international Mexico-City, 27 August 2013

2. enviacon international | | Table of Contents 1. enviacon international 2. German Aerospace Industry 3. Civil Aviation Industry 2012 4. Space Industry 2012 5. Defense and Security Industry 2012 6. Major German Companies by Manufacturing Sector 7. Locations of Major Aerospace Companies 8. Industry Clusters 9. NAFTA Region 3. enviacon international | | 1. enviacon international International management consultancy headquartered in Berlin Extensive professional experience of the two company founders Comprehensive know-how of entering foreign markets for German SMEs Specialization in the promotion of products, services and technologies in the area of environmental technology Special focus and experience of target markets USA and Brazil 4. enviacon international | | 2. German Aerospace Industry Source: 5. enviacon international | | 2. German Aerospace Industry 2012 Total sector sales grew by 10.3%, total revenue grew to 28.4 billion Total number of employees rose by 3.4% to 100,700 Turnover growth of 53% since 2005 and employment growth of 24% Research and Development expenditures approximately 15.7% of sectors sales and produced a volume of around 4.4 billion Exports share, based on the revenues of the sector overall, was on a stable level of about 60% Source: 6. enviacon international | | 3. Civil Aviation Industry 2012 Largest individual segment of the industry Revenue growth of 14.2% from 2011, which raised revenue to 19.6 billion Employs approximately 70,500, an increase of 4.4% from 2011 Orders are on hand for 4,600 Airbus jetliners, 833 aircrafts and 469 Eurocopter helicopters with a total value of 5.4 billion Estimates for worldwide demand for airplanes will double by 2030 and result in an average annual growth rate of about 5% Source: 7. enviacon international | | 4. Space Industry 2012 Sales increased by 11.9% from 2011, boosting revenue to 2.42 billion Generates 8.5% of the industrys total revenue Employs 8,300 people and increased employment by 10.5% from 2011 Germany plays a large roll with Galileo Satellite as suppliers of components (i.e. monitoring systems, configuration and control of all system components and data flows in the Galileo ground segment and for central archiving of mission data), in position control, payloads, ground control facilities, and development and construction of the satellite itself. Source:; 8. enviacon international | | Galileo Satellite Will provide 5 user-oriented services Open Service (OS) i.e. free for everyone Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for navigation Commercial Service (CS) navigation for safety-critical transportation applications (e.g. air traffic control or rail traffic) Public Regulated Service (PRS) for government applications with fail-safe signal for emergency services Search and Rescue Service (SAR) which receives distress signals and passes them on Source:; 9. enviacon international | | 5. Defense and Security Industry 2012 Overall revenue volume totaling 6.37 billion Maintained 22.5% share of total industry revenues 21,900 employees Competencies Airbus400M actuators and fuselage assembly supervised by Bremen engineers. Equipment manufactured and structural tests are run in Germany Final assembly of the TP400 engines takes place in Germany Company in Bayern contributed significantly to the development of the NH90 Source:; 10. enviacon international | | Defense and Security Industry 2012 45% of the Eurofighter is manufactured in Germany Complex measuring units produced in Baden-Wurttemberg In Bavaria, electronic control units and low- and high-pressure compressors are manufactured, engines are assembled and test runs are conducted for engines, main center fuselages are manufactured and weapon systems are made In Frankfurt the flight-control computer is prepared NH90 Helicopter Flight control system developed and manufactured in Bayern Significant development and production of hard- and software architecture in Frankfurt Company in North Rhine Westphalia planned and implemented construction of 3 NH90 German military simulation centers Source: 11. enviacon international | | Eurofighter Source:; Industries-NH-90/large-NH-Industries-NH-90-0.jpg German Military NH90 12. enviacon international | | Sector Overviews Source: 13. enviacon international | | 6. Major German Companies by Manufacturing Sector Engines Rolls-Royce Deutschland LTD & Co KG MTU Aero Engines AG System Manufacturers CASSIDIAN EADS Deutschland GmbH Airbus Operations GmbH OHB System AG Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH ASTRIUM GmbH Source: 14. enviacon international | | Major German Companies by Manufacturing Sector Material and Components Otto Fuchs KG ThyssenKrupp Aerospace GmbH Equipment Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH Diehl Aerosystems Holding GmbH Source: 15. enviacon international | | 7. Industry Regions Hamburg Bavaria Lower Saxony Baden Wurttemberg Hessen Source: 16. enviacon international | | Locations of Major Aerospace Companies 17. enviacon international | | Percentage Aerospace Industry by Federal State 2011 Source: 18. enviacon international | | 8. Bavaria Cluster BavAIRia e.V. 400 SMEs, such as FAG Aerospace, MT Aerospace, Leistritz, and IABG 33,000 employees Turnover 7 billion per year Astrium: develops and builds satellites and drive systems for rockets Cassidian: has 4 plants and is the system leader of German Defense industry MTU Aero Engines has its headquarters in Munich and is the leader for German Engine Manufacturing for the civil and military engines Diehl Aerospace is a specialist for Cabin Systems Liebherr Aerospace specializes in Suspension and have become the leading German aviation system suppliers Source:; 19. enviacon international | | Hamburg Cluster HAMBURG AVIATION Luftfahrtcluster Metropolregion Hamburg e.V. 300 SMEs located in Hamburg in addition to major companies e.g. Airbus Operations GmbH, Lufthansa Technik AG und Hamburg Airport GmbH One-third of German aviation employees work in and around Hamburg with approx. 40,000 employees All facets of aircraft, aircraft maintenance and airport operations are handled in Hamburg Hamburg Airport 2nd fastest growing airport in the EU with 13.7 million passengers in 2012 Lufthansa Technik has its headquarters in Hamburg and is the worlds leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services (MRO), providing to over 750 companies world wide Source:; http://www.maritima-et- 20. enviacon international | | Lower Saxony Niedersachsen Aviation More than 250 companies and institutions at over 350 locations 30,000 employees Research and design of new materials, production and MRO, and solutions in air traffic management Northern (Buxtehude und Stade): composites, material sciences, electronics and cabin systems Western (Nordenham and Varel): machining parts, assembly systems, fuselage structures, develops and produces automation systems Southern (Hannover-Braunschweig-Gttingen-Wolfsburg): active mainly in the areas of MRO, logistics, qualification, ATM and simulation Source: 21. enviacon international | | Companies Locations in Lower Saxony 22. enviacon international | | Baden-Wurttemberg Cluster Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Wurttemberg More than 14,000 employees Turnover more than


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