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  • 1. InducedMovements.By,Georgina.P

2. The movements of plantwhich aredirectional, eithertowards the stimulus oraway from it, are calledTropic Movements.TropicMovements. 3. A tropism is a biologicalphenomenon, indicatinggrowth or turning movementof a biologicalorganism, usually a plant, inresponse to an environmentalstimulus.Tropism. 4. Types of Tropic Movements.*Phototropism*Geotropism*Chemotropism*Hydrotropism 5. The bending of a planttowards the light is calledas phototropism.It is the growth andresponse to a lightstimulus. Phototropism. 6. The downward movementof a plant in response togravitational force is calledgeotropism.Geotropism is also known asgravitropism.Geotropism. 7. The growth and movementof plants navigated by achemical stimulus fromoutside the plant.An example of chemotropicmovement can be seenduring the growth of thepollen tube. Chemotropism. 8. It can be also written thatconversion of a flower intofruit is the example ofchemotropism. 9. Hydrotropism is a plantsgrowth response in whichthe direction of growth isdetermined by a stimulus inwater concentration.Hydrotropism. 10. Quiz Time!The movement or growth of plants in response togravity is known as _______________.The movement or growth of plants in response tolights or colours of light is known as _________.The movement or growth of plants in response towater is known as _____________.The movement or growth of plants in response tochemicals is known as ____________.