indonesia home of some muslims by: andrea cottingham

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Indonesiahome of some Muslims By: Andrea Cottingham


Indonesia is almost 3 times the size of Texas

Indonesias Flagred symbolizes couragewhite represents puritySome Natural Resources


Natural Gas


Nickel ReligionLife ExpectancyLiteracy RateAverage Amount of Money Per PersonTravel Concernsthis country has terrorist issues,groups of people that attack foreigners

be very careful about what you say, people are easily offendedSpecial CircumstancesThe regional security officer of the U.S. embassy must receive prior notice form the U.S. government employees of the their travel

people that are disabled may have a hard time getting around in Indonesia

Tourist Site: Has multi-star luxury hotelsfine restaurantsmodern shopping centersFood is cheap in Jakarta and is available in great variety.

Location: Jakarta, the Capital CityTourist Site:Lakes Jungles

Sulawesi IslandMountainsScenic Coastline

Tourist Site:Bali Indonesia

Beachestropical jungles with exotic wildlifeactive volcanoes spirited festivals throughout the year Some places in Bali even offersnorkelingscuba divingswimminghikinggolf

ImpressionsThe people of Indonesia speak Bahasa (a modified form of Malay)The population of Indonesia is expected to be at 315 million by the year 2035

Badminton and soccer are the two most popular sports in Indonesia