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Basic For 6A API


<p>Indoktrinasi API Spec</p> <p>Indoktrinasi API SpecSpecification For Wellhead and Christmas Tree EquipmentReff: API Spec 6A 20th EditionAPPLICABILITYPeralatan (equipment) yang diatur oleh API spec 6A adalah:Wellhead equipment: Casing-head housing</p> <p>APPLICABILITYWellhead equipment: Casing-head Spools</p> <p>APPLICABILITYWellhead equipment: Tubing-head Spools</p> <p>APPLICABILITYb) Connectors and fittings: Tubing-head adapter</p> <p>APPLICABILITYb) Connectors and fittings: Top connectors</p> <p>APPLICABILITYb) Connectors and fittings: Tees and crosses</p> <p>APPLICABILITYc) Casing and tubing hangers: Slip Casing hangers</p> <p>APPLICABILITYc) Casing and tubing hangers: Slip Tubing hangers</p> <p>APPLICABILITYd) Valves and chokes:</p> <p>APPLICABILITYe) Loose connectors: Weld neck connectors</p> <p>Blind connector</p> <p>APPLICABILITYe) Loose connectors: Threaded Connector</p> <p>Bullplugs and Valve-removal plugs</p> <p>APPLICABILITYe) Loose connectors: Adapter spacer connectorDouble-sided flanged crossover for connecting two different size and pressure rated flange</p> <p>- Spacer connectorFlange by flange connectors to give spacing in BOP stack assemblies</p> <p>APPLICABILITYF) Other Equipment- Ring GasketType R ring gasket</p> <p> Type RX &amp; BX ring gasket</p> <p>Wellhead Assy</p> <p>SpecificationUntuk API Spek 6A, ada beberapa spesifikasi pada produk yang perlu diketahui:Performance requirement (annex I page 360)Service condition:Pressure RatingTemperature RatingMaterial Class ratingMaterial specification Flange specification (clausal 10, page 115)</p>


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