indigeneity in the contemporary world: performance, politics, belonging helen gilbert

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  • Indigeneity in the Contemporary World: Performance, Politics, Belonging Helen Gilbert
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  • Contemporary indigenous performance in Australia, the Americas, the Pacific and South Africa Theatre, film, dance, music, pageants, protests, festivals Interdisciplinary theatre and performance studies, film, literature, anthropology, history, musicology, cultural studies 2.36m ERC grant over 5 years 20092014 8 main project staff plus casuals PROJECT SUMMARY
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  • Scale Scope Depth Discipline Methodology People Activities Extras Resources Risks THINKING BIGGER
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  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies COMMODITY AND SPECTACLE Marrugeku performing Mimi (Festival of Perth, 1997)
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  • Santiago, Chile, 2012: Mapuche protest against police repression, social and economic marginalization and land-grabs by multinational logging companies RECONCILIATION AND SOCIAL COHESION
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  • HERITAGE AND MATERIAL CULTURE The Edward Curtis Project, Marie Clements and Rita Leistner, 2010, Vancouver Barrydale, South Africa: community workshops with Handspring Puppet Company, 2011
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  • MOBILITY AND BELONGING Idle No More movement, Canada 20123
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  • PI and Researchers monographs, edited books, journal issue(s), essays, interviews, conference papers Project Team educational DVD Performance-based exhibition 3 one-day workshops 3 two-day symposia 1 major conference Interviews with performance makers, video clips, blogs PROJECT OUTPUTS
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  • Principal Investigator Principal Research Associate 4 other Research Associates/PhD students Project Assistant Casual Staff Visiting Fellows Overseas RAs, translators PROJECT ORGANISATION: STAFF
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  • Indigenous Performance and Festival Cultures in Europe Indigeneity, Performance and Social Justice in Latin America Contemporary Indigenous Cinema in National & Global Contexts Indigenous Performance in Francophone Postcolonial Societies Indigeneity in the New South Africa One Open Project EARLY CAREER RESEARCHERS
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  • Indigenous Performance in Festivals in France and Britain Mobilising Ritual and Celebrating the Seeds of Mayan Culture in the Yucatan and Belize Indigeneity and Performance in Social Protest and Festivals in Ecuador and Peru Authorship, Aesthetics and Political Action in Latin American Indigenous Film and Video Indigeneity in post-TRC South African musical theatre (PhD student) Indigenous Music Performance and the Aesthetics of Reconciliation in Canada Mini-projects: London-based Pacific Performance Group, Ngati Ranana Performing Themselves: Saskatchewan First Nations Youth Identities Indigenous Shakespeares Individual Researchers/Projects
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  • ON BALANCE The Best Parts the ideas/dialogues the people the resources the negotiating power project design flexibility travel The Worst Parts the people the UKBA death by admin bureaucracy systems inflexibility email
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  • ON BALANCE The Essentials planning recruitment management skills institutional support teaching relief holidays/time out
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  • more funding (Proof of Concept Scheme 150k) public engagement international linkages publicity career OPPORTUNITIESOPPORTUNITIES
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  • Performance-based Exhibition EcoCentrix: Indigenous Arts, Sustainable Acts Bargehouse, Southbank, 24 October 9 November 2013
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  • Copper Promises with Origins Victoria Hunt (Australia/NZ): Copper Promises the story of Hinemihi told through dance. Video and/or live excerpts will be presented at Bargehouse. The entire dance performance is expected to be part of the Origins Festival of First Nations. Possibly a performance of Day of Invigilation (right) in the Bargehouse. Hinemihi, Clarendon Park, UK
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  • Outstanding track record presented in cogent, convincing terms, and backed up with evidence Lucid and significant overarching research question - establish that the research is urgent/timely/original Some kind of empirical element where a clearly identified body of data needs collecting and analyzing Interpretive sub-questions about that data Substantial research outputs/outcomes, (interpretation of data collected) Feasible plan that offers value for money (builds European research capacity) Clearly communicated commitment and competence All major elements fit within remit of ERC funding programme ESSENTIALS FOR A WINNING PROPOSAL
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  • clear and absolutely precise language a must avoid convoluted syntax (will a non-native speaker be able to read with ease?) sensible layout headings and subheadings, lots of whitespace edit ferociously to get rid of wordiness and maximize space for content give clear indication of outputs (dont promise the world) different sections of proposal must speak to each other (with no contradictions) finish at least 3 weeks before deadline to get useful feedback BASICSBASICS
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  • Analytical skills to interpret brief Interesting histories to pitch themselves Argumentation convince of importance Creative skills to design the research People management skills Resources: creativity of stakeholders Difference/interest factor Proof of Concept grant: impact/commercialisation 150k for interactive version of live exhibition and two artists residencies, plus admin and videography ARTS RESEARCHERS CAN DO IT
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  • Indigeneity in the Contemporary World: Performance, Politics, Belonging


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