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  • Indiana Concrete Pavement Solutions


    Publication of the Indiana ChapterAmerican Concrete Pavement Association AWARDS 2012

    2012 Excellence in Concrete

    Pavement Awards

    18-inch Slip-Formed Concrete Airport Apron.

    ACPA Newsletter - AWARD Edition.indd 1 25/05/12 11:58

  • 2The Centerville Rest Park on West Bound I-70 was due for a significant upgrade. The contract was awarded in the fall of 2009 and Milestone began site demolition and clearing before winter which proved fortunate as an unu-sually wet 2010 spring and summer season caused delays. Speci-fied pavement thickness included 10 in. concrete for the passen-ger vehicle lot and 14 in. concrete for the truck parking area and ramps. Crews used an alternate lane paving method on 1000 ft. long paving runs to pave the truck parking area. The entire project encompassed over 72,400 square yards of concrete pavement and Milestone met or exceeded all quality control and pavement depth targets.

    Contractor: Milestone Contractors, L.P.Owner: INDOTDesigner: GAI Consultants, Inc.Concrete Supplier: Prairie Materials

    The Keystone Avenue/I-465 interchange is a critical com-ponent in upgrading traffic flow on the north side of In-dianapolis. For that reason, the project was staged to maintain access to all ramps during construction. The pavement design called for 9.5 in. concrete on a typical base placed on lime treated sub-base. Mainline pavement on Keystone Avenue was built one half at a time with frequent media announcements utilized to alert commuters of traffic changes as needed. While utility issues caused a three-month delay, Rieth-Riley was able to finish all paving requirements encompassing over 110,000 square yards of concrete pavement before the end of the season.

    Contractor: Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.Owner: INDOTDesigner: Parsons

    (l-r) Chris Piersall, Kyle Ash, Terry Burris, Milestone; Chad Salvbrenner, GAI Consultants

    (l-r) Toby Randoff, Parsons; Chuck Stephens, Tom Parten and Mike Ruth, Rieth-Riley


    Centerville Rest Park,I-70 West Bound

    Keystone Avenue & I-465 Interchange

    ACPA Newsletter - AWARD Edition.indd 2 25/05/12 11:58

  • 3Its seems fitting that this segment of the US 31 Kokomo Cor-ridor in Howard County was the states first alternate bid project (bidding concrete and asphalt pavement); Kokomo is known as the City of Firsts. When completed at the end of 2013 this 13 mile long corridor will shift traffic away from current US 31 in Kokomo bypassing 15 signaled intersections. Concrete pavement thickness included 10 in. concrete for mainline and 8 in. concrete for ramps. Primco placed over 82,000 square yards or nine (9) lane-miles of pavement on this two-mile segment of the new Kokomo bypass.

    Contractor: Primco, Inc.Owner: INDOTEnginners: American Structurepoint, Inc. Janssen & Spaans Engineering, Inc. Northwest Consultants

    Contractors were limited to 180 days from start to finish for Phase IV of the Indianapolis International Airport Cargo Apron Expansion. They responded with excep-tional results. The scope of this 43,000 square yard ex-pansion included earthwork, storm sewers, underground fuel and electrical service, under-drains, soil stabilization, cement treated permeable base and an 18 in. concrete pavement. The design called for concrete joints spaced 18.75 ft. square and dowelled in both transverse and longitudinal directions. Berns Construction utilized string-less technology for grade and elevation control and completed the paving without setting a single string line pin. The system achieved an impressive average elevation deviation of only 0.02 feet and with no grinding adjustments necessary.

    Paving Contractor: Berns Construction LLCOwner: Indianapolis Airport AuthorityEngineers: Shewsberry & Associates, LLC. RW Armstrong Wessler Engineering Construction Mgr. Harmon/Turner

    (l-r) Jeff Teusch, Chad Baker, Andy Rentschler, Primco Inc.; Jennifer Bullock, Northwest Consultants Inc.; Eric Farny, American Structurepoint; Ellie Stanoch, Janssen & Spaans Engineering Inc.

    (l-r) Matt Gessner, Steve Rouse, Dick Newell, Lee Schuyler, Melanie Barnes

    US 31 Kokomo Corridor, Howard Co.

    Cargo Apron Expansion Phase IV

    ACPA Newsletter - AWARD Edition.indd 3 25/05/12 11:58

  • This 2.4 mile segment of the US 24 Fort-to-Port pro-ject represents more than just the last of four phases of a corridor from Fort Wayne to the Indiana-Ohio state line. This particular segment affords highway engi-neers and researchers an opportunity to evaluate and learn from its construction and future performance. The project includes 5,000 lineal feet of variable sub-base drainage treatments under the east-bound lanes where the effect of un-sealed joints rela-tive to pavement performance will be monitored by INDOT. In addition to the test sections, this project was a showcase for in-telligent compaction technology that was demonstrated during grading operations to contractors and other agencies interested in the new technology. E & B Paving placed nearly 84,000 square yards of 10.5 in. concrete pavement on this final seg-ment of the long-awaited Fort-to-Port project.

    Contractor: E&B Paving, Inc.Owner: INDOT

    (l-r) Mike Crill, INDOT; Tony Korba, Mark Hayden, Phil Bowers, E & B Paving, Inc


    US 24 Fort-to-Port Phase I

    ACPA Newsletter - AWARD Edition.indd 4 25/05/12 11:58

  • 5Main Street Streetscape in Downtown Elkhart is a high profile rehabilitation project highlight-ing the versatility and aesthetic capabilities of concrete pavement. The scope included under-ground utility reconstruction, concrete pavement replacement, colored and exposed aggregate walks, ramps and curbs. Selge Construction crews installed just under 1,500 square yards of 9 in. concrete pavement on Main Street. Decorative concrete included brick stamped crosswalks, diamond patterned side-walks, a terrazzo planter island with a dyed and beveled con-crete seat wall. The exposed aggregate walk was constructed at the entryways to Lerner Theater and consisted of integral black concrete embedded with black aggregate, yellow aggre-gate and crushed glass.

    Contractor: Selge Construction Co., Inc.Owner: City of Elkhart

    Engineer: Wightman Petrie Concrete Supplier: Kuert Concrete

    (l-r) Chris Chockley, Wightman Petrie Inc.; John Szuba, Selge Construction Company Inc.; Tim Miller, Kuert Concrete

    Main Street Streetscape, Phase III

    Showplace For Concrete Versatility: Integral Colored Concrete Embedded with

    Black & Yellow Aggregate, Crushed Glass Exposed Aggregate Brick-Stamped Crosswalks Diamond Patterned Sidewalks

    ACPA Newsletter - AWARD Edition.indd 5 25/05/12 11:58

  • 6Contractor: E&B Paving, Inc.Owner: INDOT

    (l-r) Chris Chockley, Wightman Petrie Inc.; John Szuba, Selge Construction Company Inc.; Tim Miller, Kuert Concrete


    I-465 Reconstruction,I-70 to Sam Jones Expressway


    This $88 million project encompassed reconstruction and widening of the I-465 mainline pavement from just north of Sam Jones Expressway to Kentucky Avenue/SR 67 as well as the mainline on I-70 for one mile in each direc-tion from the I-465 Interchange. It also involved reconstruction of the Sam Jones Expressway Interchange and significant recon-figuration of the I-70 Interchange. Bid as a two-season project in November 2009, this project challenged the Joint Venture team of Anderson, Indiana-based E&B Paving and Illinois-based Walsh Construction.

    The scope of work included installation of six new bridge struc-tures at the I-70 interchange; two bridges at the Sam Jones Ex-pressway interchange; numerous pipe structures; grade work for widening; placement of over 361,000 square yards of 14-in. QC/QA Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP); and 540 addi-tional contract itemsall while maintaining an average traffic vol-ume of 84,000 vehicles per day (including over 25 percent trucks) through the work zone.

    ACPA Newsletter - AWARD Edition.indd 6 25/05/12 11:58

  • 7The substantial completion date established for this project was January 15, 2012 and the team was eager to get off to a quick start in 2010. Reality set in, however, as right-of-way issues forced the team to make adjustments to their original plan; bumping some work into the winter months of 2010-11. By the end of the 2010 season, all I-465 traffic was running on newly completed outside lanes leaving the inside lanes to be built during the 2011 season. In the mean time, work proceeded through the off-season months on various piers and structures within the I-465/I-70 interchange. Once the new fly-over bridges were open, the old structures were demolished.

    E&Bs experienced paving crews did an exceptional job navi-gating this complex project. From the outset, daily schedules and work plans were carefully monitored and adjusted to maintain the overall schedule. With live interstate traffic running through the project, paving operations were often performed in limited, single-lane pours; requiring zero-clearance configuration of paving gear on occasion with constant, disciplined adherence to safety protocols.

    Concrete for the project was produced in E&Bs central mix concrete plant located at the Washington St. interchange, result-ing in a short haul time between the plant and the paver. Between three and 24 tri-axle dump trucks were deployed to deliver con-crete to the paver, depending on the planned volume of that days pour. Drivers had to negotiate traffic and deliver their loads within a limited time frame making the maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) plan critical to the


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