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<p>Slide 1</p> <div><p>Have a introduction</p><p>With English activity</p><p>By Surajbhan </p><p>Yadav</p><p>Class =10 a</p></div> <div><p>Indian navy</p></div> <div><p>What is Indian navy ?</p><p>The Indian navy is the naval branch of the armed forces of India . The president of India serves as the commander -in-chief of the navy . The chief of naval staff {cns} ,usually a four star officer in the rank of admiral , commands the navy</p></div> <div><p>History of indian navy</p><p>India has a maritime history dating back 5,600 years. The first tidal dock is estimated to have been built at lothal around 2300 BC during the Indus valley civilization near the present day mangrol harbour on the Gujarat coast. The Rigveda written around 1500 BC, credits Varuna with knowledge of the ocean routes and describes naval expeditions. There is reference to the side wings of a vessel called Plava</p></div> <div><p>Commander-in-chief of Indian navy</p><p> 1943-1947</p><p>Rear admiral Arthur Edward Bedford</p><p>Vice-admiral sir Herbert Fitz</p><p>Admiral john Henry godfrey</p><p>vice-admiral sir Humphrey walwyn</p><p>1947-1950</p><p>Rear- admiral john Talbot</p><p>Admiral sir William edwardparry</p></div> <div><p>The end </p><p>Thank you for giving</p><p>me time</p></div>


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