indian independence. nationalist movement begins…  national congress  muslim league

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  • Indian Independence

  • Nationalist Movement beginsNational CongressMuslim League

  • Gandhi Redefines Movement.

  • Gandhi-National Congress made more democratic and open to all (bring in the peasants and middle class)Instead of terrorism and passing resolutions, need to take actionAction would be peaceful, but involved non-submission to what was wrong

  • Civil Disobedience/Non-violent ProtestWhat kind of oppression is it and how long has it been going on?Depends on who is in power (do they care if theyre hurting you or not?)Will take a long time (how soon must you achieve your goal?)How do you keep people disciplined? Depends on numbers to show strengthHow desperate are people?

  • Spinning Wheel

  • Salt March (1930)

  • British Agree to Indian IndependencePublic opinion forced them to make concessions to GandhiBritish tired of expenses needed to maintain control of India British agreed Indian people finally ready to govern selves

  • Partition

  • How did the partition of India impact migration of peoples?

  • Pakistan/India today

  • Jawaharlal NehruCreated terms such as neutralism, Third World and non-alignmentDrawn to ideology of communism, but leery of violence and ruthless suppression of contrary opinionAlso felt had been oppressed by capitalism but admired freedoms and western ideals

  • Nonalignment does not mean passivity of mind or action, lack of faith or conviction. It does not mean submission to what we consider evil. It is a positive and dynamic approach to such problems that confront us. We believe that each country has not only the right to freedom but also to decide its own policy and way of life. Only thus can true freedom flourish and a people grow according to their own genius

    -Nehrus speech in Washington DC in Dec 1956


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