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Bikanervala is one of India's most prominent brand in the business of Traditional hospitality products like Sweets and Namkeens. Our forefathers devoted their lifetime in developing exclusive recipes which are now our proud family secrets. Bikanervala is now a well known brand name in India and abroad, recognized by its sweets, namkeens, snacks, gift packs and multi-cuisine restaurant facility. Bikanervalaonline is an online shopping service to let our customers enjoy Bikanervala and Bikano products like buy sweets online, mithai Online, Snacks, Kaju Sweets etc. You can send gift online, buy or shop for Bikanervala and Bikano products on speical occasions and festivals. We offer home delivery service within India.


<ul><li>1.THE MITHAI SHOP AT BIKANER... </li></ul> <p>2. In 1950, a large family of traditional Halwais (Food Processors) from the famous city of Bikaner decided to explore business opportunities beyond Rajasthan, its traditional stronghold, and some of them migrated to Delhi . They brought with them a treasure of traditional recipes perfected by their forefathers, exotic ingredients and experience in the art of making sweets and Namkeens. The beginning was from 'Moti Bazar' of old Delhi. The Delhiwallas relished their Bikaneri Bhujia and Rasogollas and they fast grew to a regular sweets shop in the historic Chandni Chowk. Soon the love and affection of Delhiwallas earned them the name 'BIKANERVALA'. COMPANY HISTORY 3. THE WORLD OF BIKANERVALA 4. BIKANERVALA HYDERABAD 5. BIKANERVALA HYDERABAD 6. BIKANERVALA HYDERABAD 7. BIKANERVALASWEET SHOP 8. BIKANERVALARESTAURANT 9. BIKANERVALARESTAURANT 10. CERTIFICATIONS 11. BIKANO'S 12. BIKANO'S 13. TYPES OF MODULES INSTITUTIONAL TUCK SHOP Institutional Tuck shops are generally found in schools, Management Institutions, Offices, Hospitals and Youth Clubs where you are constantly attended by friendly staff with drinks and appetizers. The term is interchangeable with the word canteen. These tuck shops need very less space, as they function like take away joints which greatly reduces the price of the food items, thus making it a profitable venture for the companies. Tasty Snacks and hygienic Chaat served right in your office, is the main USP of the Bikano Chat Cafe's tuck shop. These tuck shop serve Indian Chaat &amp; Snacks , Continentals and Pizza 14. TYPES OF MODULES RETAIL TUCK SHOP Retail Tuck Shops are found in Malls and shopping bazaars. Bikano Chat Cafe's retail tuck shops are designed to cater to people who do not compromise on the quality of food. Bikano Chat Cafe's retail tuck shops function as take away food joints. These tuck shop serve Indian Chat &amp; Snacks and Cafe Combo Meals. 15. TYPES OF MODULES FOOD COURT COUNTER Bikano Chat Cafe's food court counters are joints where you can relax and have food at leisure with your family and friends. The emphasis is based on providing varieties of Indian fast food at an affordable price against the other multinational fast food joints. A food court provides a common area for self-serve dining. Food courts may be found in shopping malls and airports. Their mouth watering snacks are a big favourite with the customers both young and old. These counters serve Indian Chat &amp; snacks and South Indian in a modern hygienic environment. 16. TYPES OF MODULES FAMILY RESTAURANT Bikano Chat Cafes family restaurant offers traditional Indian food in modern ambience with versatile menu. Its menu is a blend of all popular fast food dishes across India and abroad with traditional Chaat &amp; snacks, Namkeen, Cafe Combos, Tandoor Se, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental, Buy Sweets Online, Mithai, Ice Creams , Beverages and shakes. 17. BIKANO'S AT KATRA 18. BIKANO'S AT KATRA 19. BIKANO'S AT KATRA 20. BIKANO'S AT AKHNOOR 21. BIKANO'S AT AKHNOOR 22. Manufacturing unit at Greater Noida 23. Starting with our flagship product Bikaneri Bhujia to our latest innovations like Crunchy-Munchy, Tom-Tom, Chatax and Punjabi Punch. Bikano is a wide range of mouth-watering ready to eat snacks, manufactured to international standards of quality and hygiene and packaged for long shelf life. Our commitment to combine traditional recipes and modern technology has enabled us to package even products like the famous Bombay Bhel Puri and Pani Puri for the world market. Our range also includes some of the finest packaged Indian Sweets, so that you are always ready to celebrate a sweet moment, any time, anywhere! BIKANO 24. BIKANO EXPORT 25. BIKANO NAMKEEN NOW IN Rs. 20/- </p>