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A view of civil services in INDIA

A view of civil services in INDIABY:P.POORNA SAI

Here through this presentation iam going to explain several special charecters of civil servantsMoreover ,I will also explain several intersting facts about their life changes before selecting as civil servant and after entering indian society for service.

Civil services is the back bone of indian adminstration.Civil service: it is a service done by high intellectual people representing themselves as government officials.Civil services is found all over the world in several countries.In India it was introduced by Shri Sardar Vallabhai Patel,not only a freedom fighter but also former prime minister of india,He is considered asfather of Indian civil services.In india the educational qualification required for a civil servant is a degree.Some of famous civil services are;I.A.S:Indian adminstrative serviceI.P.S:Indian police service I.E.S:Indian engineering service I.F.S:Indian forest serviceIt is also called Indian imperial service during british rule. Selection procedure:The candidates should have any degree .Exams will be conducted by UPSC.It is irespective of sex, religion etc..Its is 3 phase procedure as shown in figure.

As of the year 2010,there 6.4 million government workers are there ,while there are only 50,000 civil services to adminster them.Integrity,impariality,merit are guiding principles of indian civil services.A study of hong-kong based political and economic risk consultancy released in 2012 results that indian civil service is worst all over ASIA.N.R.pillai is the first head for civil service after independence.Honesty and perfection (d.k.ravi:collector of kolar district)

Miracle man(armstrong pame :nagaland i.a.s officer)Admirable I.A.S officer who constructed a 100 k.m road without any government help from Manipur to remote part of a hill.He is alumnus to ST.Stephen college in New DelhiHe was called by facebook from California to explain the how he raised funds to lie a common man road

Shiv deep Waman lande(s.p of patna)During his tenure crime rate decreased drastically.He is called as big brother for college girls.he got about 300 messages from girls for safety in which he attended maximum.Moreover;Complete curb on medical and wine mafias.Imposing strict traffic rules

V.v.lakshmi narayana(i.p.s):He will Dicitionary word for honest.Dealt 19 high profile cases including ;Obulapuram mines,Satyam scandal,jagan mohan reddy illegal companies etc Excellence is his habit.Became night mare for delegate who failed to pay tax.Served as s.p of nanded,joint director of CBI,DIJ of hyderabad.Education:B.E in mechanical at nit Warangal.M.TECH ,IIT madras.

Smitha sabarwal(additional secretary of telengana)Many of the people call her as ammaand also noted as best bureaucrat.Worked and changed many districts in Telangana.Concentrated and reformed many hospitals in Telangana.Conducted different events like;Name of eventreasonVoter pandugaTo raise vote percentageFund your city To develop warangal

Actual scenario:But in recent dramatic changes have been happening regarding civil servants ; there are many reasons for it ;Loosing their ideas to impose them for development.Many of them converting to money mode.Become puppets in the hands of politicians.High pressure and work load.Corrupted officials working under or above them.Felt irritated due to the problems face by them for being honest or perfect.

This presentation is dedicated civil servants who sacrifice their lives for our nation:

Thank you! jai hind! URS; POORNA SAI


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