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INDIAN ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE CLICKASTRO.ORGIndian Vedic AstrologyIndian Vedic Astrology is the events related to a persons life are predicted, based upon the positions of various celestial objects at birth. Indian Vedic Astrology calculates the position of planets and how they are related to each other.For a very long period, the celestial forces or the stars have been used to lead mankind in their journey through life. The paths and directions of this journey were assessed with the help of Vedic or Indian Astrology, based on real astronomy. The positions of the Sun, the Moon, the Planets and the ascendant sign at the exact moment of birth is calculated in Indian astrology, one of the oldest and most accurate forms of astrology used all over the world.Most of the people rely on Indian Vedic Astrology for knowing about:Their future.Predictions regarding their day, week, month and year.For knowing the compatibility rate and for matching the Janam Kundalis (birth-charts) of the couple at the time of marriage for a successful married life (Match Making).Calculating your life path number through numerology.Gem recommendation based on horoscope.The details essential for preparing an Indian astrology based horoscope are;Date of BirthTime of Birth (Local time)Place of Birth (Latitude and Longitude)The Indian Astrology system, with its unique characteristic, identifies the minute differences of births even with a time difference of 5 minutes. It is this utility that enables us to prepare separate horoscopes for even twins, triplets. etc.

An exact date of birth and place of birth, aids an astrologer to create a horoscope with a very personal reading about the character, strengths, weaknesses and potentials of a subject, with proper interpretation of positions of all the astrological planets at the time of birth.