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India Wedding Market Outlook to 2020 - Focus on Online Matchmaking and Wedding Planning Segment" provides a comprehensive analysis of various aspects such as market size of India Wedding Market. The report mainly covers two main segments such as matchmaking and wedding planning. The report also covers various segmentations by market structure, by geography, by budget of India families, by wedding venues, by popular themes.


  • India Wedding Market Report 2020 : Ken Research

  • The evolution of internet services and technological

    advancements has revolutionized the approach with which

    the matchmaking is taken in India now days. Unlike the offline

    sources of matchmaking, online matchmaking websites have

    been enhanced significantly over the last decade and a half.

    With the changing times, arranging the entire wedding has

    become a cumbersome process. Different trends can be seen

    in Indian Weddings specifically like rising love marriages, and

    rising trends of hiring a professional wedding planner.

  • The Indian wedding market has grown steadily in the past five

    years. According to the market scenario, the trends have

    witnessed a gradual change and the population has become

    more extravagant and lavish in terms of expenditure done on

    marriages. India has possessed a large population in the age

    bracket of 18-35 years which stood approximately as ~ million

    i the ear FY. The irease i uer of oug orkig individuals has directly impacted the number of weddings

    within the country.

  • Durig the tie period FY-FY, the uer of weddings in India registered negative CAGR of ~%. The growth

    in number of weddings represented an increase from ~ million

    i FY to ~ illio i FY. Oe of the fators hih have supported the rise of number of weddings was the

    increase in per capita income of individuals due to rising

    skilled populatio.FY witnessed a fall in the number of weddings which accounted for ~ million weddings in the fiscal.

    Owing to the fact Indian population has shown a mentality of

    getting married after achieving a threshold point in their


  • In most part of the country, the winter months, especially

    October to December, have been the most popular months

    for the weddings and approximately ~ weddings was held in

    these months. Whereas, July, August and September are the

    least popular months and the number of weddings ranged no

    feer tha ~ illio eddigs i FY. FY itessed ~% of the weddings being arranged by family members

    leading and the rest ~% of the weddings showcased the

    performance of wedding planners. I FY, approiatel ~% of the weddings were held in hotels and banquets and

    accounted to a total of ~ million weddings, whereas ~% of the

    total number of weddings was held in open gardens.

  • About ~% of the weddings were arranged out of the city within

    the country or were organized at international level leading to

    around ~ million weddings. There are endless themes that

    were majorly in trend for instance, floral weddings, beach

    weddings, royal weddings, valentine weddings, seaside

    themes vintage weddings, color weddings, climate theme ,

    bollywood weddings, retro weddings, roman weddings,

    Mexican weddings, Hawaiian weddings and others in

    FY. Kithe ad Hoe appliaes ith GMV share of ~% reported during 2014.

  • I FY, the oerall athakig arket posted the huge revenue of INR ~ million. Approximately, INR ~ million was

    contributed by online matrimony websites and remaining INR

    ~ million was contributed by offline sources in the same fiscal.

    The matchmaking market in India has grown at a CAGR of

    approximately 20% during the period of 2010-2015.In

    FY, the olie athakig esites aptured a dominant position of ~% in matchmaking segment in contrast

    to offline sources which captured ~% of the share in

    matchmaking market.

  • Online matchmaking has emerged as new and a popular medium

    of seeking life partners by providing them access to numerous

    profiles and hence, assist them to approach potential

    bride/bridegroom according to their preferees. Idias rapid economic development and urban growth has brought in the

    fundamental change in the mindset of the consumers. The

    matchmaking industry is highly competitive and since last five

    ears FY-FY opetitio is upreedetedl risig. During this phase the total user base of online matchmaking

    portals escalated at the CAGR of ~%.

  • I FY, olie athakig portals posted the urgeoig registrations of ~ million registering a constant growth of

    aroud ~% fro FY here i FY reorded a good number of total registrations of ~ million. Owing to

    improvement in existing products and services and innovation

    of e produts i FY paid susriptios agified at ~ million. Since the total registrations by online matchmaking

    series aouted to ~illio i FY the ajor proportion of the registrations accounting ~% came from state

    Tamil Nadu followed by Maharashtra that poised~% online

    registratios i FY.

  • Considering Karnataka and other small cities low concentration

    of ~% has been recorded. I FY, the total paid subscriptions on matrimony websites accounted for

    approximately ~ million out of which ~% of the user base

    opted for monthly membership plans whereas minimal ~% of

    the paid users chose annual membership plans. I FY, significant proportion of profiles approximately ~% was

    posted by prospective grooms and remaining ~% profiles were

    registered prospetie rides durig FY.

  • Durig FY approiatel ~% of the profiles ere posted professionals and salaried class as they have stable income

    and majority of the eligible brides prefer financial security in

    future. Where as,~% of the profiles were registered by the

    business class segment of the society. The competitive

    landscape of online matchmaking portals to expand the

    customer base on the basis of total registrations in India has

    agified durig FY- FY. The arket is ajorl dominated by three major players which include Bharat

    Matrimony, and

  • Bharat matrimony has emerged as the largest player in the

    online matchmaking services. The company held nearly ~%

    share i total registratios i FY ith aiu of ~ million contributed a significant 37%

    share to the total registrations of India Online Matchmaking

    Services. held a comparatively smaller share

    and was the third position holder in the online matchmaking

    segment accounting ~% of the market share towards total

    registratios i FY.

  • A new business space technology driven online matchmaking

    service has been fast evolving and has considerably grown in

    recent years.The major players in online matchmaking

    segments have been able to beat the market significantly and

    have contributed significantly to the booming business of

    matchmaking segment. Bharat matrimony captured the first

    position with approximately ~% market share and posted the

    reeues aoutig to INR ~ illio i FY. The second place was detained by which held approximately

    ~% or contributed INR ~ million towards the revenue in

    asolute ters i FY.

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    Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications


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