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1. Where to go for India tours to avoid the unbearable heat of sun duringSummers?India has been considered as Gods land, gastronomic delights land, land full of colors andwarmth etc. The warmth of India can be felt at its peak during summers. The summers of Indiaare hot notoriously and while moving downwards towards South you feel humidity as well. So itis better that you plan North India Tours as that part of India is always cold. India is full ofattractive places in the Northern region. One has so many choices in front of him that heultimately gets confused in deciding that where to go and where not for spending the holidays.If you want to plan India tours during summer season then you have many options.You can a plan a marvelous trip to the Paradise of Earth Kashmir. It is the thrown of India as itis situated at the top most regions. Kashmir has always been the first choice among the touristsbecause of it scenic beauty. The Kashmir is surrounded by the High Himalayas and the PirPanjal. The beauty of Kashmir makes a person breathless. The lakes that are flowing down thevalley add more to the mind pleasing sight. The orchards filled with red juice apple trees watersthe mouth, lush green velvety soft meadows compels us that we lie down on it. You can evenenjoy the essence of spending some precious time of yours by roaming on the hose boat in thesilent flowing lakes. While doing this you will feel that you are with nature.Another place of attraction for summer tours is Shimla. Shimla is that place where you can doall sorts of adventurous activities. This place offers you uncountable opportunities such as youcan do river rafting in the lakes flowing along the border, or you can have a wonderfulexperience of trekking at the High Himalayas that is running across, or paragliding can also bedone. The Shimla is covered with snow throughout the year so you can feel the experience ofskiing, and if you really want to do some deadly act you can try the mountain bikes. The ride onit is really a threatening one. No one can ever forget that.Although, South India is famous for lot of humid but it also comprise of the hill station Ootywhich is cold throughout the year. Ooty was at one time called as Queen of hill stations. It issituated in ranges of mountain Nilgiri also called as Blue Mountain. As Ooty is 7347 feets abovethe level of sea it is very cold and is covered with soft clouds. The scenic beauty of Ootycomprise of eucalyptus trees lending a minty fragrance to the atmosphere around, green teagardens, verdant greenery, gurgling lakes and threatening tunnels.Nainital is also known as Himachal Pradeshs glittering jewel. At one time it used to have 60water bodies flowing but today many have dried up. It is one of the most famous hill stations inIndia where you can spend you summer holiday. The Naini Lake enhances the beauty of Nainitalas it is surrounded by eye captivating mountains of Kumaon Foothills (Himalayas part) from 3sides. 2. Adiba Khan is an expert author to writing informative articles on different parts of Indian Travel andtourism. Also write a portal for India Tours where one can find info on Adventure in Himalayas and getthe best packages for North India tours. Explore: -