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    India Elevators Market Forecast & Opportunities , 2020

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    TechSci Research

    India Elevators Market to Surpass US$ 1.6 billion in 2020

    Infrastructure development, along with growing demand in residential and commercial units to drive elevators market in India during the next five years

    According to recently released TechSci Research report India Elevators MarketForecast & Opportunities, 2020, elevators market in India is projected to surpassUS$ 1.6 billion by 2020. The report reveals that increasing public-private investments ininfrastructure development and construction sector, along with increasing number ofresidential complexes, are expected to drive sales of elevators during the forecast period.Ongoing government housing projects and metro expansion across various cities in thecountry, are also propelling the demand for new installations across the country.

    Along with new installations, India is an equally lucrative market for maintenance andmodernization of existing elevators. Smart elevators, which are equipped with advancedsecurity solutions such as biometrics and access control, are becoming increasinglypopular in the industrial sector, thereby creating opportunities for system upgradations inthis sector. Elevators market in India is highly consolidated, with major players likeKONE, Otis, Schindler, Johnson, and ThyssenKrupp, holding more than 80% share.

    Residential sector is the clear leader in India elevators market, accounting for more than60% volume share in the market in 2014. Rapid urbanization, increasing populationdensity and growing need for accommodation, are driving the demand for high risebuildings in India. Constant increase in the number of high rise buildings is anticipated tobe the key factor fueling growth of residential elevators in the country. said Mr. KaranChechi, Research Director with TechSci Research, a global management consulting firm.

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    TechSci Research

    S. No. Contents

    1. Research Methodology

    2. Analyst View

    3. Product Overview

    4. Global Elevators Market Overview

    5. India Elevators Market Outlook

    5.1. Market Overview

    5.2. Market Size & Forecast

    5.2.1. By Value

    5.2.2. By Volume

    5.2.3. By New Installations & Maintenance

    5.3. Market Share & Forecast

    5.3.1. By Company

    5.3.2. By Type of Carriage

    5.3.3. By Type of Machinery

    5.3.4. By Region

    5.3.5. By End-Use Sector

    6. India Residential Elevators Market Outlook

    6.1. Market Size & Forecast

    6.1.1. By Value

    6.1.2. By Volume

    7. India Commercial Elevators Market Outlook

    7.1. Market Size & Forecast

    7.1.1. By Value

    7.1.2. By Volume

  • T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s


    TechSci Research

    S. No. Contents

    8. India Industrial Elevators Market Outlook

    8.1. Market Size & Forecast

    8.1.1. By Value

    8.1.2. By Volume

    9. India Govt. Institutional Elevators Market Outlook

    9.1. Market Size & Forecast

    9.1.1. By Value

    9.1.2. By Volume

    10. Value Chain Analysis

    11. Policy & Regulatory Landscape

    12. Import-Export Analysis

    13. Market Dynamics

    13.1. Drivers

    13.2. Challenges

    14. Market Trends & Developments

    14.1. High Speed Elevators

    14.2. Smart Elevators

    14.3. Energy Efficient Elevators

    14.4. Expanding Market for Elevators

    14.5. Solar Elevators

    15. Pricing Analysis

    16. India Economic Profile

    17. Competitive Landscape

    17.1. Competitor Product Matrix

  • T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s


    TechSci Research

    S. No. Contents

    17.2. Company Profiles

    17.2.1. KONE Elevator India Pvt. Ltd.

    17.2.2. Otis Elevator Company (India) Ltd.

    17.2.3. Schindler India Pvt. Ltd.

    17.2.4. Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd.

    17.2.5. ThyssenKrupp Elevator (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    17.2.6. Mitsubishi Elevator India Pvt. Ltd.

    17.2.7. Fujitec India Pvt. Ltd.

    17.2.8. Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Ltd.

    17.2.9. Blue Star Elevators India Ltd.

    17.2.10. Omega Elevators Pvt. Ltd.

    18. Strategic Recommendations

    19. About Us & Disclaimer

  • R e s e a r c h M e t h o d o l o g y

    Baseline Methodology

    Our dedicated team of industry experts has comprehensively monitored and analyzed various aspects of India

    elevators market. The team has analyzed various industry segments and speculated a positive future for the

    industry. Taking into consideration the technological developments, capital investments, government projects,

    etc., our team of analysts has provided a prudent analysis of the industrys performance in future. This would

    enable our clients in planning their investment decisions and explore growth opportunities in India Elevators


    For our study, we have gathered information through primary research surveys with eight respondents in around 4

    companies operating in elevators market in India, followed by an exhaustive search of credible paid databases.

    Our team of experts has then prudently evaluated all the collected information and organized it in chronological

    order to depict a meaningful and clear picture of the elevators market.

    In addition, while compiling the data, we have also validated all the collected information from multiple sources

    and data warehouses in order to present the most accurate and precise information of the concerned industry. We

    have also identified and analyzed all emerging trends, including the important drivers and challenges that the

    industry is confronting. We have also presented various forecasts for the industry based on our in-depth analysis

    of market dynamics, prevalent trends, major developments and growth opportunities.

    Companies InterviewedOtis India, ThyssenKrupp Elevators India, Star Elevators, and 360 Degree GlobalEquipments


    Business Week, CMIE Pace, Press Releases, Company Annual Reports, News Articles, Elevator World India, etc.

    TechSci Research


  • S a m p l e D a t a - S n a p s h o t


    TechSci Research

    India Elevators Market Size, By Value, 20102020F (USD Million)







    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015E 2016F 2017F 2018F 2019F 2020F

    KONE, %Otis, %

    Schindler, %

    Johnson Lifts, %

    ThyssenKrupp, %

    Fujitec, %

    Others, %

    India Elevators Market Share, By

    Company, By Value, 2014



    5 56



    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015E 2016F 2017F 2018F 2019F 2020F

    India Elevators Market Size, By Maintenance, By Value, 20102020F (USD Million)



    Delhi-NCR,Mumbai,Bangalore,Hyderabad,ChennaiRest of India

    India Elevators Market Share,

    By Leading Cities, By Units Installed, 2014

    KONE, %

    Otis, %

    Schindler, %

    Johnson Lifts, %

    ThyssenKrupp, %

    Fujitec, %

    Others, %


    India Elevators Market Share, By

    Company, By Value, 2020F




    Rest of India

    India Elevators Market Share,

    By Leading Cities, By Units Installed, 2014

    Classification of Elevators on the

    Basis of Machinery

    Hydraulic Elevators

    Traction Elevators





    (Upgrading, Maintenance,






    2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14

    Otis, No. of Elevators Installed, 2010-11 to 2013-14

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    About Us:

    TechSci Research is a global market research and consulting company with offices in Indonesia, the UK and India. TechSci Research

    provides market research reports in a number of areas to organizations. The company uses innovative business models that focus on

    improving productivity, while ensuring creation of high-quality reports. The proprietary forecasting models use various analyses of both

    industry-specific and macroeconomic variables on a state-by-state basis to produce a unique bottom-up model of a country, regional

    and global industry prospects. Combined with the detailed analysis of company activity and industry trends, the result is a uniquely rich

    evaluation of the opportunities available in the market.

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