incorporating medicinal herbs into the garden introductions why herbal medicine? medicinal herbs...

Download Incorporating medicinal herbs into the garden Introductions Why herbal medicine? Medicinal herbs already in your garden Easy-to-grow medicinal herbs Harvesting

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  • Incorporating medicinal herbs into the garden

    IntroductionsWhy herbal medicine?Medicinal herbs already in your gardenEasy-to-grow medicinal herbsHarvesting and processingQuestions

  • Plants have powerful healing properties

    It deepens our relationship with plants


    It's easy to grow and wildcraft medicinal plants

    It's part of our cultures and histories

  • Medicinal uses of culinary herbsExamples: rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, onions

    Explore new uses of the herbs you already have on on handSafe, gentle herbs

  • Common medicinal weedsExamples: plantain, dandelion, burdock, ground ivy, ragweed, chickweed, yellow dockNo effort to grow!Weeding becomes harvesting

  • Easy-to-grow medicinal herbs: annualsExamples: Holy basil, oats, ashwagandha, chamomile, spilanthes Can be planted as row crops or scattered throughout the garden Many are self-seeding and can be harvested by weeding them out of unwanted places

  • Easy-to-grow medicinal herbs: perennialsExamples: yarrow, comfrey, elecampane, hyssop, echinacea, peppermint, california poppy Root crops and long-term producersPlace carefully since these will be in your garden for a long time.

  • Medicine for your gardenMedicinal herbs can also help nourish your garden:Attract pollinators (CA poppy, chamomile, elecampane)Source of mulch (comfrey, leaves left over from root cropsPrevent soil erosion (perennials)Aerate soil (ashwagandha)

  • Infusion or Decoction (water extract)Tincture (alcohol extract)VinegarTinctureHoneyOil/salveSyrup

  • Matthew Woods: The Practice of Traditional Western HerbalismLeslie Braun and Mark Cohen: Herbs and Natural Supplements- An Evidence-Based GuideRosemary Gladstar: Herbal Healing for WomenMichael Moore: various books including Medicinal Plants of the Mountain WestTimothy Scott: Invasive Plant Medicine

  • Native Plant Society: www.mdflora.orgBotanical Society of Washington: www.botsoc.orgHenriettes Herbal: www.henriettesherbal.comAmerican Herbalist Guild:

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