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Inclusive ICT Pedagogy. Inclusive Pedagogies. ‘a process of increasing participation and decreasing exclusion from the culture, community and curricula of mainstream schools’ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Inclusive ICT Pedagogy

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Equalitya process of increasing participation and decreasing exclusion from the culture, community and curricula of mainstream schools Booth, T. and Ainscow, M. (2002) The Index for Inclusion. 2nd edn. Bristol UK: Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education.Enjoy and achieveUsing talking partner- list the inclusive practices you promote within your classroom3How can ICT aid inclusion?ICTSpecialist software/equipmentPhotographsVideoStory boardMicrophonesPodcastingBloggingWebsitesControl equipmentBeeBot/Lego mindstormPresentationsVLEAgain in talk partners: What ICT tools do you use that support inclusive practice?4observational evidence suggests that Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) within their inclusive practices is mixed. Since both physical and virtual environments can convey affordances of educational exclusion, it is important that student teachers are prepared for inclusion using ICT.

Beacham, N. and McIntosh, K.J. (2012) Student teacher attitudes and beliefs towards using ICT as part of inclusive practice: A 2008-2009 pilot survey TEAN Journal 4 (2) February [Online].Available at: (Accessed 28 February 2012).

All too often observations of lessons in schools show the IWB being used by the teacher alone or one child coming up and pressing one button. Often the one computer is being used by one child as a reward or for that one child to be kept busy due to behaviour or special needs, whilst video recorders, cameras, microphones, data loggers and other equipment is hidden away in one persons stock cupboard.5Context and Purpose


Looking at the examples from practice can you find the context and purpose? Does the use of ICT in these examples promote inclusive practice?6I think most children are highly motivated by seeing themselves and it enables them to evaluate and celebrate their achievements.7Time to exploreIn your groups/pairs collaborate to decide which ICT tool to explore and develop:Flip camerasMicrophonesWindows Movie MakerPhotostory 3

Or other available software you would like to share.Prepare to feedback how you would use your chosen tool to meet needs in your setting.

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