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  • Gardening Unit Study Graphics courtesy of MyCuteGraphics

    Includes: Language Arts, History, Geography,Science, Visual Arts,Reading Resources

    Includes 10 Gardening themed coloring pages


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  • GARDENING UNIT STUDYWhile this unit study is intended for 1st 5th grades, some of the exercises could easily be tailored for younger children. I have also added some ideas in some of the subjects, to use with older children.

    This unit encompasses a variety of daily subjects, including Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies/Geography and Visual Arts. This unit is meant to accompany your regular Science Unit on the study of Plants. In addition to the printables, you will need your Bible, a dictionary, access to the internet, a Biblical Atlas/Map (for reference), crayons, construction paper, scissors and glue. You may also require some additional items for the Science experiments and Visual Arts projects, which are listed separately.

    Language Arts/History1. Have students read Genesis chapters 2 and 3. Talk about what the Garden of Eden was like and what happened when Adam

    and Eve were exiled.2. Have students read The Facts About Gardening (Handout A).3. After reading, have the student(s) define the vocabulary words and answer the questions on Worksheet A.

    Older Students: Do research and a report on an aspect of gardening (organic, raised beds, the best method for your area, etc.)

    Social Studies/Geography1. Find, label and color your state green the US map (Worksheet B).2. Find a map of your own state here. Now, locate, label and color your county in light blue.3. Using the same map as above; locate, label and color your city/town in red.

    Older Students: Do some research and a report on what plants, vegetables and fruit grow best in your area.

    MathUse one of the activity pages for your math exercise.

    1. Matching: PreK-K (Worksheet C)2. Graphing exercise: K-1st (Worksheet D) 3. Garden Math: 2nd-3rd (Worksheet E) 4. More garden Math: 4th-5th (Worksheet F)

    Older Students: Draw a to-scale plan for a raised bed garden. Figure out how big your bed will be, how much you can plant in it and how far apart the plants must be.

    Science1. Have students label and color the parts of a flower. (Worksheets G and H).2. Plant a windowsill garden.3. Do this fun pollen activity to learn how pollen is transferred from plant to plant.4. Make a terrarium. 5. Learn about and make an ecocolumn. Follow the steps on this site to make your own ecocolumn. Then follow the activities

    and track your progress links for more science fun! Bottle Biology is another great site for information and activities.Older Students : Use this site to find out what to plant now in your local zip code. Heres a great chart with more info on growing vegetables. And heres a great chart explaining how much you can plant in an area. Now, Then, go to the Math section and complete the activity.

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    Graphics credit: Coloring pages from MyCuteGraphics Other clipart used by Creative Memories, Goodness and Fun and Sheri Amsel

  • Visual Arts1. I have included 10 pages of Gardening coloring pages.2. Younger children (PreK-1) can reinforce the parts of a plant by doing this easy hands-on plant labeling project.3. Middlers (2nd-5th) grades can reinforce the parts of a plant by doing this more advanced hands-on plant labeling project.

    Older Students: Draw out the plans for your own garden. Color it neatly and precisely. Label everything in your garden. Here are some examples you can refer to before beginning your own plans. Patterns, Crisp Angles, French Parterre, Playful Circles and this step-by-step landscape design tutorial.

    Extra Reading

    The Secret Garden is one of my all-time favorite books! I was able to find the original classics version on Kindle (listed under Older Students) and one that is a step-in reader for the younger readers!!! YAY!!!

    For Tots:Mayer, Mercer. Little Critter: A Green, Green Garden (My First I Can Read). HarperCollins, 2011.Child, Lauren. I Really Wonder What Plant Im Growing (Charlie and Lola). Grosset & Dunlap, 2008.Ehlert, Lois. Planting a Rainbow (Board Book). HMH Books, 2003.Siddals, Mary McKenna. Compost Stew. Tricycle Press, 2010.Dahl, Michael. From the Garden: A Counting Book about Growing Food (Know Your Numbers). Picture Window, 2004.Brown, Peter. The Curious Garden. Little Brown, 2009.

    For Ages 5+Burnett, Frances Hodgson. The Secret Garden (A Stepping Stone Book (TM)). 2012. (Kindle Version)McCloskey, Robert. Blueberries for Sal. Hardcover, 1948.Rey, H.A. Curious George Plants a Seed. Houghton, 2007.Worth, Bonnie. Oh Say Can You Seed?: All About Flowering Plants (Cat in the Hats Learning Library). Random House, 2001.Parish, Peggy. Amelia Bedelia Helps Out (I Can Read Book Level 2). Greenwillow, 2005.Cole, Henry. Jacks Garden. Greenwillow, 1997.

    Older Students:Burnett, Frances Hodgson. The Secret Garden. 2012. (Kindle Version)Hardesty, Constance. Grow Your Own Pizza: Gardening Plans and Recipes for Kids. Fulcrum, 2000.

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    Graphics credit: Coloring pages from MyCuteGraphics Other clipart used by Creative Memories, Goodness and Fun and Sheri Amsel


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