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My presentation at Inbox Love on 10/29/2014. See


  • 1. Relationship Intelligence:The Secret Weapon in Your Inbox

2. Biggest Data Source for the SalesProfessionalSending and receiving on average 115 emails everyday, thats nearly 600 emails per week or close to30,000 per year. 3. In the enterprise email IS big dataWe spend 13 hours per week--28% of our work week--checking emailMcKinsey - sending 90 billion business emails every day,with employees checking email 36 times an hour.Forbes 4. The goal is to use this datato make us more efficient. 5. Why do we put email at the center of RelateIQ?Two Big Problems1. Individual: Impossible to search, sort, and make sense of it all on an individuallevel. Unwieldy Unstructured Flat and lifeless.2. Organizational: The problem only gets worse on an organizational level. who is emailing whom what signals in those interactions can help with collaboration 6. Automation+Augmentation= 7. Secret Weapon #1: Suggesting Follow-Ups 8. Secret Weapon #2: Determining Closest Connections 9. Secret Weapon #3: A Supercharged Inbox 10. Secret Weapon #4: Collaborative Stream 11. How do we approachbuilding our product? 12. #1 Start with a solidinfrastructure base 13. #2 Build fundamentaldata product buildingblocks 14. #3 Prioritize using a set ofproduct frameworks 15. Key Factors for Success Rapid Deployment Automatic Data Capture Collaboration Data Science Mobile Sharing/Privacy 16. Product Principles How We Build For our users: Love Compassion Consistency, Clarity, Transparency Design for Simplicity & Focus For ourselves: Building Product is a Team Sport Intellectually Honest and Curious Hypothesis-Driven Speed 17. Product Hierarchy of Needs 18. Keys to adoption Develop as a team & revisit as needed Circulate widely Share with entire team Post everywhere Measure products against them and use in product reviews Pop quizzes! Share externally 19. #1 Start with a solid infrastructure base#2 Build fundamental data product building blocks#3 Prioritize using a set of product frameworks 20. Thank you! To learn more: Or reach out to me: Daniel Francisco @dancfrancisco