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  • In The Footsteps Of The Master: The Life and Times of Jesus Christ Jesus Calls the Twelve May 10, 2009
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  • Important? Why is the calling of the Twelve Disciples is so important for us today? Because each and every one of us here is a continuation of their ministry. Do you believe that? Do you believe that Just as Jesus called Peter and James and John and Andrew and Phillip and the rest to follow Him and carry on His ministry that He has called you in the same manner for the same purpose?
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  • Disciples Setup From a very early age the bright and charismatic children were identified These children studied under a Rabbi If you were fishing in the NT, you were considered neither These men Jesus called were not the Spiritual Elite Jesus had no problem working with Joe the Plumber types
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  • Changing the World If you look at this as like the NFL draft, they did poorly. The last line would be Wide receiver, taken out of Jerusalem, Judas Iscariot, has no hand (30 pieces of silver) All of these men have their own issues Jesus called them and enabled them to walk powerfully despite the fact that a lot of the time they're absolutely confused.
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  • Jesus Calls the Twelve Luke 6:12-16 12 It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God. 13 And when day came, He called His disciples to Him and chose twelve of them, whom He also named as apostles: 14 Simon, whom He also named Peter, and Andrew his brother; and James and John; and Philip and Bartholomew; 15 and Matthew and Thomas; James the son of Alphaeus, and Simon who was called the Zealot; 16 Judas the son of James, and Judas Iscariot, who became a traitor. 5
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  • Jesus Heals Many Luke 6:17-19 17 Jesus came down with them and stood on a level place; and there was a large crowd of His disciples, and a great throng of people from all Judea and Jerusalem and the coastal region of Tyre and Sidon, 18 who had come to hear Him and to be healed of their diseases; and those who were troubled with unclean spirits were being cured. 19 And all the people were trying to touch Him, for power was coming from Him and healing them all. 6
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  • Peter Author of 2 books of the NT Peter ran a fishing business in Bethsaida (John 1:44) Peter shown fishing even after the resurrection of Jesus (John 21) Was depicted as married One of the few who witnessed the Transfiguration Tradition says he was a martyr under Nero, crucified head down, and buried in Rome
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  • Peter continued. Peter is always mentioned first in the lists of the Twelve Read Matthew 16:18-19 Peter walked on water for a moment, but sank when his faith wavered. (Matthew 14:2831) When Jesus was arrested, Peter cut off the ear of a servant of the High Priest Denied knowing Jesus 3 times 8
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  • Andrew Best known as Peters brother Fisherman in business with Peter Originally a disciple of John the Baptist First follower of Jesus to be identified by name (wow) Part of the inner circle around Jesus His testimony first led him and John to follow Jesus (John 1:41) Andrew is said to have been martyred by crucifixion
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  • Sons of Thunder (Mark 3:17) He is called Saint James the Greater to distinguish him from James, son of Alphaeus James and John were with their father by the seashore when Jesus called them to follow him James was one of only three apostles whom Jesus selected to bear witness to his Transfiguration
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  • James & John Herod had James executed by sword, making him the first of the apostles to be martyred (Acts 12:1-2) John wrote Gospel of John 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd John and the book of Revelation According to Tertullian, John was banished to Patmos after being plunged into boiling oil in Rome and suffering nothing from it. It is said that the entire coliseum were converted to Christianity upon witnessing this miracle. 11
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  • Disciple whom Jesus loved Though some sources state that John was 95 when he died, others claim he was most likely 104. Traditionally, John is said to be the only apostle to die of natural causes. His tomb is located in Ephesus. 12
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  • Philip Also from Bethsaida Disciple of John the Baptist Not the Philip who taught the Ethiopian eunuch Later Christian traditions describe Philip as the apostle who preached in Greece, Syria, and Phrygia He was martyred by crucifixion in the city of Hierapolis, near Collosae 13
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  • Bartholomew (Nathanael) Native of Cana Generally identified with Nathanael Bartholomew appears in all four lists of the Twelve However, not mentioned in John Nathanael not mentioned in the Synoptics Philip identified with both His name was possibly Nathanael Bar- Tholami Tradition holds that he was flayed alive in Armenia and then crucified upside down for refusing to worship pagan gods 14
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  • Matthew (Levi) Tax collector from Capernaum Son of Alphaeus Possibly the brother of James Nothing definite is known of Matthew's career After preaching in Judea, different traditions place his missionary work and possible martyrdom in Ethiopia or Persia Author of Gospel of Matthew Maybe not? 15
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  • Thomas Called Didymus (twin) Known as Doubting Thomas due to his misgivings concerning Jesus resurrection Otherwise seen in NT as strong figure Ready to travel with Jesus to Jerusalem and die there Tradition has him evangelizing in India Speared to death on the island of Madras off the coast of India 16
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  • James the son of Alphaeus Referred to as James the Less to distinguish between him and James the son of Zebedee Possibly Matthews brother Tradition says he was martyred by crucifixion at Ostrakine in Lower Egypt, where he was preaching the Gospel Sometimes depicted with a carpenter's saw because it is also held that his body was later sawed to pieces 17
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  • Simon the Zealot Simon is referred to both as the "Cananaean" and the "Zealot" May refer to him being "zealous", or to his membership in the Jewish revolutionary movement known as Zealots Nothing else certain is known about him One tradition says he first preached in Egypt, before joining Jude and travelling to Persia, where both were martyred Simon may have been crucified or hacked to death. 18
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  • Judas the son of James Also known as Thaddeus or Jude According to the Armenian tradition, Jude suffered martyrdom about AD 65 in Beirut, Lebanon together with the apostle Simon the Zealot, with whom he is usually connected Often depicted holding an axe, the instrument thought to have been used in his execution 19
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  • Judas Iscariot Son of Simon Iscariot Iscariot probably refers to the familys place of origin Treasurer of the Twelve Betrayer of Jesus For thirty pieces of silver, a paltry sum Hanged himself after realizing what he had done The name Judas is now synonymous with betrayer 20
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  • The Reach of the Twelve 21
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  • 22 Next Week The Sermon on the Mount (Part 1)


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