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<ul><li><p>TOOL TEST BY THE STAFF</p><p>14 POPULAR WOODWORKING MAGAZINE August 2013</p><p>R egardless of what you may think, size doesnt matter at least not when youre talking dado stacks. Infi nity Cutting Tools 8" Dadona-tor was highly touted when it was re-leased in 2008. Today, Infi nity offers the Dadonator Jr. Its the same tool only smaller in diameter (6") and price.</p><p>Does a 2" reduction in diameter af-fect work in the shop? No. You seldom use the maximum depth-cutting ca-pacity thats possible with an 8" dado </p><p>Infi nity Shrinks the Dado StackDadonator Jr. is small in size but big on performance. </p><p>INFINITY, AMANA &amp; SPYDER PHOTOS BY AL PARRISH; VESPER PHOTO BY CHRISTOPHER SCHWARZ</p><p>CONTINUED ON PAGE 16</p><p>stack; the 114" capacity of the Dadonator Jr. will satisfy most of what you ask of this table saw ac-cessory.</p><p>The 6" stack has 24 car-bide teeth on the outside cutters, and each chipper has six carbide teeth (two more teeth than whats found on the chippers of competing stacks).</p><p>After putting Infin-itys new stack to work, I found it performs as well as its big brother. Juniors cuts are fl at-bottomed and smooth, and theres no tear-out or splintering of surface wood when cutting with or across the grain. </p><p>The Dadonator Jr. set includes four 18" chippers, one 116" chipper and one </p><p>332" chipper, which is handy for cutting dados in plywood. With Junior, you can cut dados in widths from 14" to 2932". Also included in the set are shims that allow you to fi ne-tune any setup.</p><p> Steve Shanesy</p><p>Dadonator, Jr. Infi nity Cutting Tools infi</p><p>or 877-872-2487</p><p>Street price from $190</p><p> ARTICLE Read the full review of the 8" Dadonator from our October 2004 issue .</p><p>Prices correct at time of publication.</p><p>Amana Tool has four new countersinks with various-sized drill bits and non-marring depth stops. </p><p>Each countersink has twin carbide-tipped fl utes, and these are the only countersinks in the industry with this feature. Carbide-tipped fl utes allow the bit to cut cleanly and last longer when working with hardwoods, plywoods and other engineered wood products. </p><p>Two set screws allow for quick ad-justment of the drill-bit length and of </p><p>the 38"-diameter countersink. (A hex key is included with each countersink.) You can dial in the exact setting for perfect plug holes at 38". Or if you need a bit more depth, simply remove the stop and the countersink drills to 12".</p><p>To eliminate marring, the tools ad-justable depth stop features a pressed-in roller bearing that quickly stalls the spin as soon as the stop makes contact with the surface of the work. Also, there are two side openings in the depth stop that allow chips to escape from below the tool.</p><p>The drill bits are the standard straight twist design and are available in four different sizes, the smallest of which is 332". Other diameters include 18", 964" and 964". Those sizes should take care of your pilot hole needs for the most-often used screws. </p><p>Carbide-tipped countersinks are better because they remain sharp lon-ger than high-speed steel countersinks. They also cut smooth, clean holes with less tear-out around the perimeter.</p><p> SS</p><p>Amana Countersinks Conquer Burning &amp; Marring</p><p>Carbide CountersinksAmana Tool or</p><p>800-445-0077</p><p>Street price from $37 to $38</p><p> ARTICLE Learn more about countersinks and countersink bit designs.</p><p>Prices correct at time of publication.</p><p>14_1308_PWM_ToolTest.indd 1414_1308_PWM_ToolTest.indd 14 5/15/13 3:44 PM5/15/13 3:44 PM</p></li></ul>


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