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In-Delta Storage Program. Outline. Background and history Evolution of the fish screens Proposed Re-engineered Delta Wetlands Project operations Fish screen structure. Why are DWR and Reclamation Involved?. CALFED ROD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • In-Delta Storage Program

  • Background and historyEvolution of the fish screensProposed Re-engineered Delta Wetlands Project operationsFish screen structureOutline

  • Why are DWR and Reclamation Involved?CALFED RODReclamation and DWR 98-99 evaluations concluded proposed locations meet CALFEDs environmental restoration and water supply reliability objectivesDecember 2001 DWR/Reclamation completed a joint planning study

  • DWR/Reclamation InvolvementJoint planning study concluded that for ownership by DWR/Reclamation, the Delta Wetlands Project requires modifications and additional analyses before it is appropriate to initiate negotiations with Delta Wetlands or other land owners.Joint planning study work was reviewed by a CALFED Science Panel and the Independent Board of Consultants.June 2003 complete Feasibility Study (state version).

  • Delta Wetlands Bacon and Webb (Storage) Holland and Bouldin (Habitat)

  • Delta Wetlands Proposed ProjectDelta Wetlands Properties, Inc., a private company, made a proposal in July 1987 for storage on Webb Tract and Bacon Islands with habitat development on Holland and Bouldin IslandsThe Final Operations Criteria were completed in January 1997USFWS and NMFS biological opinions were issued in May 1997 EIR was completed in May 2000DFGs Incidental Take Permit was issued in June 2001EIS was completed in July 2001

  • Decision 1643 from the SWRCBSWRCB CWA Section 401 Water Quality CertificationACOE 404 Permit

    Permits Received

  • Permit Fisheries RequirementsFinal Operations CriteriaDiversion measuresDischarge measuresOther measuresFish monitoring programExports limited to 250,000 AF per year

  • FOC Diversion MeasuresTiming and duration of diversions are dictated by the position of X2.No diversions can occur in April and May.Diversions linked to the delta smelt Fall Midwater Trawl index.Limited by percentage of available surplus water.Can not exceed a set percentage of previous days net Delta outflow rate and a percentage of the San Joaquin River inflow rate.

  • FOC Diversion Measures - continuedDiversion rates are reduced by 50% if delta smelt are detected by in-channel monitoring from December August.Linked to operation of the DCC gates.Maximum topping-off rates are set.

  • FOC Discharge MeasuresNo discharges for export or rediversion from Webb Tract can occur from January June.February July discharges for export are limited by percentages of available unused capacity at CVP and SWP.Provides for environmental water releases December June.Discharges for export are reduced by 50% if delta smelt are detected by daily in-channel monitoring April - August.

  • Other MeasuresFish screen final design and installation guidelines are subject to the approval of the regulatory agencies.200 acres of shallow water habitat protected by conservation easementBoat wake erosion feeMitigation ratio of 3:1 for aquatic habitat impacts from siphon and pumping stations and boat docksTemperature and DO limits for dischargesIncidental entrainment compensation

  • Re-engineered Delta Wetlands Project Bacon and Webb (Storage) Holland and Bouldin (Habitat)

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