(in alphabetical order) - ?· (in alphabetical order) ... 16 Consulate General of Nigeria ... 26 Handball…

Download (in alphabetical order) - ?· (in alphabetical order) ... 16 Consulate General of Nigeria ... 26 Handball…

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<ul><li><p>List of Companies / Organisations attended the Seminar on 30 Jan 2013 </p><p>(in alphabetical order) </p><p>1 Able Engineering Company Limited </p><p>2 Aecom Design &amp; Planning </p><p>3 Andrew Lee King Fun &amp; Associates Architects Ltd. </p><p>4 Aurecon </p><p>5 British Consulate-General </p><p>6 Build King Holdings Limited </p><p>7 BuroHappold International (HK) Limited </p><p>8 BYME Engineering (HK) Ltd </p><p>9 China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union </p><p>10 China Metallurgical Group Corp </p><p>11 China Overseas Building Construction Limited </p><p>12 China Road &amp; Bridge Corporation </p><p>13 China State Construction Engineering (HK) Limited </p><p>14 Chun Wo Building Construction Ltd </p><p>15 Consulate General of Canada </p><p>16 Consulate General of Nigeria </p><p>17 Consulate General of Switzerland </p><p>18 Dalkia Asia Ptd Ltd </p><p>19 Dragages Hong Kong Limited </p><p>20 DTZ </p><p>21 EC Harris Built Asset Consultancy </p><p>22 Evans &amp; Peck </p><p>23 Foster &amp; Partners </p><p>24 Gammon Construction ltd </p><p>25 Hamon Investment Group </p><p>26 Handball Association of Hong Kong </p><p>27 Hassell </p><p>28 Hip Hing Engineering Company Limited </p><p>29 HK Mountain Bike Association </p><p>30 HK Sustainable Development Research Institute </p><p>31 Hogan Lovells </p><p>32 HOK International (Asia/Pacific) Limited </p><p>33 Hong Kong Badminton Association </p><p>34 Hong Kong Basketball Association </p><p>35 Hong Kong Canoe Union </p></li><li><p>36 Hong Kong China Bodybuilding &amp; Fitness Association </p><p>37 Hong Kong Cricket Union </p><p>38 Hong Kong Cycling Association </p><p>39 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association </p><p>40 Hong Kong Fencing Association </p><p>41 Hong Kong Football Association </p><p>42 Hong Kong Golf Association </p><p>43 Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association Ltd. </p><p>44 Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design </p><p>45 Hong Kong Netball Association </p><p>46 Hong Kong Paralympic Committee and Sports Association of Physically </p><p>Disabled </p><p>47 Hong Kong Rugby Football Union </p><p>48 Hong Kong Sailing Association </p><p>49 Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation </p><p>50 Hong Kong Skating Union Ltd </p><p>51 Hong Kong Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped </p><p>52 Hong Kong Squash </p><p>53 Hong Kong Table Tennis Association </p><p>54 Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress </p><p>55 Hong Kong Triathlon Association </p><p>56 Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association </p><p>57 Hong Kong Wushu Union </p><p>58 Hong Kong, China Gateball Association </p><p>59 Hong Kong, China Rowing Association </p><p>60 Hopewell Property and Facility Management Ltd </p><p>61 HSBC </p><p>62 Hsin Chong Construction Company Limited </p><p>63 Hung Wan Construction Company Limited </p><p>64 IMG </p><p>65 Infrader Capital Partners </p><p>66 K &amp; W Architects Limited </p><p>67 Kowloon City District Council (KCDC) </p><p>68 Kwun Tong District Council (KTDC) </p><p>69 Lanon Development Limited </p><p>70 Leigh &amp; Orange </p><p>71 Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited </p><p>72 Ma Fung Kwoks Office </p></li><li><p>73 Mace Group </p><p>74 Macquarie Capital (HK) Limited </p><p>75 Maeda Corporation </p><p>76 Minter Ellison </p><p>77 Nan Fung Development Limited </p><p>78 Nippon Steel Trading (HK) Company Limited </p><p>79 Norton Rose (Asia) LLP </p><p>80 Paul Y. General Contractors Limited </p><p>81 Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China Ltd </p><p>82 Populous </p><p>83 PTW (Australia) </p><p>84 Samsung C&amp;T Corporation </p><p>85 Shun Yip Construction Company Limited </p><p>86 SPADA Limited </p><p>87 Sports Federation &amp; Olympic Committee of HK, China </p><p>88 SRT (S&amp;P) Architects Ltd. </p><p>89 Sweett (China) Limited </p><p>90 TFP Farrells </p><p>91 The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China </p><p>92 Thomas Chow Architects Limited </p><p>93 U.S. Consulate </p><p>94 UKTI </p><p>95 Unistress Building Construction Limited </p><p>96 Urbis Limited </p><p>97 URS / Scott Wilson </p><p>98 Vinci Concessions </p><p>99 Vinci Construction Grands Projets </p><p>100 Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China </p><p>101 West Kowloon Cultural District Authority </p><p>102 Wong Tai Sin District Council </p><p>103 Woods Baogot </p><p>104 World Sport Group Limited </p><p>105 WSP Development Limited </p></li></ul>