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How good is the online experience you offer to your website visitors. This Slideshare reviews the 'state-of-the-art' of measuring and managing customer journeys. Presented by Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights at Ecommerce Expo 2014 customer journeys - dave chaffey - smart insights


  • 1. The CustomerJourney Report 2014Practical Techniquesfor ManagingCXMDr Dave Chaffey,CEO, SmartInsights.comDownload:

2. 2AboutDaveAbout Dave Chaffey Author of 5 bestsellingmarketing books Editor of a marketing advice sitewith Expert members in over50 countries using ourplanning guides, templatesand online courses toimprove results. 3. Real-world customer journeys?3Larger version Larger version 4. Part 1. Understanding customer experience4Source: Online marketplace mapping 5. 5Source: Ogilvy, TNS and Google Path to Purpose July 2014 6. Making the experience human6View clips 7. 7Source: Customer Journeys reportActive Research: iPerceptions/4Q 8. Technique: Customer journey mapping8Source: Smart Insights Persona Toolkit 9. 9Source: Millward Brown/Compete 10. Remembering: The importance of onlineresearch to offline purchase?10Source: Google study of ROPO at Vodafone .de 11. Technique: Path analysis in analyticsRecommendation: Use forward and reverse path analysis in Google Analytics11 12. Technique: Multichannel Personas12For each persona define preferences for: Platforms(web, email, mobile) Platform usage (hours) Content consumption:General site types &category-specific Social media - contentcreation & participation Search behaviour Trusted persona toolkit: 13. Part 2. Managing customer experiences13Source: CXM As defined by Forrester in 2011 14. CXM = effective brand customer14communicationsRight Touching is:A Multi-channel Communications StrategyCustomised for Individual Prospects and CustomersWhichDelivers the Right Value PropositionAccompanied by the Right MessageWith the Right ToneAt the Right TimeWith the Right Frequency and IntervalUsing the Right Media / Communications channelsTo achieveThe right balance of value between both partiesSource: Dave Chaffey (2005-2012):Digital Marketing Strategy: Implementation and Practice 15. Do you have a personor team RESPONSIBLE15FOR CXM? Vote! 16. 16 17. 17Qualitative Customer feedbacktools support tool = and www.whatusersdo.comExample: 18. Recommendation: Use hurdle rates and RFM to assess experience18 19. Part 3. Improving customer experiences19View Clip 20. 20 21. 21Tools: 22. Ecommerce Design Bible 22 23. 23 Source: Simple Usability benchmark 24. 24 25. Emailmarketingshould beintegratedtoo!:Halfords case study25 26. The power or journey (Re)targeting26 27. How do your experiences compare?27See : 28. Lets Connect! Questions & discussion Plan | Manage | OptimizePresentation download :, Basic member tools28 Sample planning templates Planning, Expert member learning 7 Step Guides to all digital marketing Online courses DIY Planning and optimisation templates inWord, Excel and Powerpoint


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