improvement of advocacy of islamic idea nowadays kazakhstan created its own democratic and competent...

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  • Improvement of advocacyof Islamic ideaNowadays Kazakhstan created its own democratic and competent society.

  • Theres no power without the people, so theres no people without religion.Therefore the nations accord and unity between country and religion have made good connection. At that time our society that consisted of many ethnic groups and religious faith went through transitional period. Muslim principles had important role in providing countrys inner stability and external security. Inner stability influenced to international relationship. Nowadays Kazakhstan is the country that influences interreligious conception between religious confessions.

  • Astana has opened mosque Haziret SultanRecently in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana has opened mosque Haziret Sultan. This place has built in traditional Islamic style and its area is 17,7 cube meters.

  • The mosque designed with kazakh traditional ornaments and national elements in classic Islamic model. More than 10 thousand people can read namaz. Its brief picture of nowadays Muslim religion in Kazakhstan.

  • That is Kazakhstan is the place to develop Muslim traditions and Islamic ideas. Certainly, holding this orientation, muslim countries should cooperate with each other. Because negative information about muslim might influence to inner stability. Islamic spin doctorNowadays Islamic idea as social conception is going through the age renaissance. Disseminating idea is not enough, it is also important to prove how much the idea would effect to economic development.Disseminating idea is not enough, it is also important to prove how much the idea would effect to economic development.For those, who knows about it in haste - Islam religion is just reading namaz and keeping the fast oraza.Perhaps, in the countries living with muslim principle for a long time, write about economic importance of Islam. But its not wide-spread in global level. It is underestimated the importance of global development of humanity in financially helping to retarded muslim countries by Islamic Development Bank. It shows week point in system of advocating muslim idea.

  • muslim women should be more active in disseminating Islamic ideas. Thats why we should draw in talented women PR experts in Islamic idea of muslim countries. Because we need to repulse to western low educated film directors and authors, who are always ready to slander muslim. We should not forget that women are basic influential force in creating social opinion. They are adapted to this issue from nature. It would be useful use this ability in PR work. One more important issue will be about the history of muslim PR.

  • Alpharabius

    One of the properties of human being is his making connection with another human or another people while achieving his aim. Every one finds himself in that state


  • to prepare special PR experts and journalists who will be able to speak a few languages and work in this direction in institutes of higher education of muslim countries; to make a concept of creating good public image of Islamic idea; to advocate good image of muslim person central and local media should give information about persons who high cultured and suitable for nowadays demands; to knowledge deeply PR experts and journalists, who work in Islamic idea direction, in social sciences;to hold meetings on the base of political discussion and hold events to improve cooperation of religious cultures; to notice that half of the audience are women, and approve special programs for them on international level; to give opportunity for muslim youth to master new innovative technologies.