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  • Impression Plus® Impression Plus® water softeners provide the quality water you need for everyday life. Day and night, your water will now perform the way it should. It creates richer lathers by using less soap, rinsing cleaner without film and residue, even protecting your household plumbing from staining, scale, and hardness.

    The optional Media Shield protects your water from Chlorine and heavy metals such as: Lead, Copper, and Mercury. Best of all, this system is built to last and easy to operate.

    Bypass Valve.

    Low-maintenance brine tank. • Built-in safety float • Heavyweight, corrosion-free

    material • Dry salt storage • Less Cleaning

    Patented Electronic Digital Demand Control Valve. • Saves water and salt • Monitors and records water usage

    and history

    High-Capacity Softening Media. • Removes hardness • Removes scale • Reduces Barium and Radium

    Optional Media Shield Chamber. • Reduces Chlorine • Reduces heavy metals • Softening media and lifespan

    are maximized

    High-Flow Rate.

    • 16 Gallons Per Minute


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