Important events in life

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The Norwegian Perspective. Important events in life. Pregnancy test Midwife and doctor assisting women in childbirth Ultrasounds Norway high safety level Maternity leave. Pregnancy and birth. Optional Religious or a non-religious option Celebration after the ceremony - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Important events in life

Important events in lifeThe Norwegian Perspective

Pregnancy and birthPregnancy testMidwife and doctor assisting women in childbirthUltrasoundsNorway high safety levelMaternity leave

baptismOptional Religious or a non-religious optionCelebration after the ceremonyFamily and close friendsGodparentsPresents, often things made out of silver

confirmationReligious confirmation

Non-religious confirmation

Meal and presents

RussCelebrate that your graduation after 13 years of school1st to 17th of MayPartying with friends, drinking alcoholRusse-nodules

MarriageMost often in churchClothing: - Black suits and white wedding dresses

The church is filled with flowers and candlesParty with family and friends

FuneralReligious funeralsNon-religious funeralsNo dress code