Importance of grids in UI design and development

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Presentation of Vibhas Jain, Product Designer- PayTM. He discusses about Grids and their importance. Vibhas talks about the design process they follow at Paytm and what has he learned till now doing various designs. The flow he recommends all designers to take is Sketch Atomic Designs Grids. While all elements are important to the process, the right implementation of grids is what brings the design together. He also emphasized on baseline text and hierarchy of page. Size, color, text and spacing are the most important aspects where you can focus and drive a user to do certain things you want them to do.


  • 1. Lessons LearntDesign is science

2. E-commerce DashboardsMy first design challenge @ Paytm 3. Tools which saved me1. Sketching2. Atomic Design3. Grids 4. SketchingFastest way to visualize anything 5. + Its great for sprints! 6. Atomic Design 7. Gridz.keep it real 8. 90% of digital content is textBaseline text is the most important design element on both web & mobileMedium 9. Elements that define heirarchy Size Color Weight Spacing 10. Grids enforce clarity 11. Success? 12. Dribbble = Pretty Screens.Flow is King 13. Other lessons 14. Small teams deliver.Be a lean, mean , money making machine 15. HiringThe hardest part 16. Make stuff.Someone, somewhere will dig it