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  1. 1. 7/~Implementing Awesome Crash Reporting in Production Apps!
  2. 2. Presented by: P re se nter Q&A Russ Fustrno Ca/ /um Gavin MVP & Raygun Community Evangelist Raygun Developer @RussFustino @mul| acy vi-T7Microsoft . . Most Valuable ProfessionalFollow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  3. 3. A little about me Raygun Community Evangelist- Former Developer Evangelist for Microsoft,Xamarin and Componentone CEO,Fustino Brothers,Inc- Publisher of Several Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS,and Android Apps- MVP Microsoft Platform Developer- Publisher of Jethro Tull App,Endorsed- How do you implement awesome crash reporting? Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  4. 4. Find bugs before your users do13 . _s : < T . V. ;- '5' I f.:i'owis .l _ .1,I?{go y.,4 43 5 fl I I I.534 Cf:rip E14")Ila.V 26;" G r l Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  5. 5. What were the Challenges? * Common error reporting for many platforms and languages. * Getting started? * Need more help in analyzing errors and the cause. * I need to know how well my apps works in production. G If my app crashes,I wanted to know about it and what the cause is?e Stack traces are great,can I get in production? I needed more app specific information in my error reporting. it Raygun works for Xamarin iOS an Android,but what about XamarinForms?Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  6. 6. Agendae Error Reportinga Initialization9 Dashboards for Test and Production environmentse Xamarin Dependency Injectiona Strategic areas in the code for try /catch8 Custom Tagsa Affected User support0 Passing email address from C# to an HTML page with Javascript for affected usersupport Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  7. 7. Error reporting- Did you ever send screenshots?It's only part of the story- Real Time Notifications,Saving Time. .. Saves Money- Retain customers. .. Convert trials- Only 1% of your users even tell you that something is wrong- If I only had stack trace,that would be gold- Error grouping is essential,provides sanity for not exploding my inbox email - Bottom line. .. I need to improve developer productivity and reduce cost Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  8. 8. Resolve errors quickly across every platfonn Rnygur:worn in ilunuxts wi"l all mqcv ! b aria ii-ca. -.e iwsgrmrm g lsnquagos C I comment hlqanlil my no 151' RS,AFJIEY Q Xlhil JRIIHG Jun '9'~|llnduu Hun I05 Anutd InllVIMY Wklo IT Q UNQW L BM exam 4 Aaron Q lmndounilen _{l Gwoolavivvvn n-:2 run so E Aw!I kill W IVUUUIOO F'9Illu'i'/@)l= .|'[; -I', l,III_l0 our nrvilar = _m-1| -| u= ,uI{ ml?
  9. 9. InitializationGenerally,one line of codeexample for Xamarin iOS2. Attach the RaygunC| ientIn the main entry Acnviry of your 5ppiiCE(IOnCdHIi1* static RaygunC| rent Attach niethod with your app API key Your app API key is dispiayed when you create a new application . n your Raygun account or can be viewed . n meapplication semngsig Mindscape.waygumwet; piolemtrd U. 'rVV1dc . oxd 0nCreate(Eundle bundle){ ba5e.0nCreate(bund1e); Rayguntlient. /1ttach(Raygun4Net Wili now automaticaily detect and send ali unhandied exceptions to your Raygun accountFollow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  10. 10. Dashboard180 day retention period_ "EHIIIIKIY :0 .Si7.Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  11. 11. DashboardsTest and ProductionC iii Applications +Russell Fustino"3' Jethro Tull i"i: Jethro Tull Prod ,E . '!3I3l. !'' V e e : :. sugtI. i'at= l. 'I"~'I-, i'ui's; a:tiiitetsibtiT": -rverl i{(avr3Ir;Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  12. 12. Global DashboardActm mm gmups ny -pphc-nonu Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  13. 13. XamarinAnthin you can do in ObjectiveC or Java. ..Xamarin Developmentcan be done in C# with Xamarin using Visual Studio Application Logic (CI! )OR Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  14. 14. 95% code sharing Xamarin FormsXamarin. FormsProvides API to quickly build sharableI user interface code H AndroidReitvdmr iitmixe tJ/on IOS,Android and Windows Phone ios %UI + logic written in C3, allowing for Ul _ Apphcanon Loam (Cu) ~90'99% mde Sharing (PCL or Shared Project)Follow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  15. 15. Xamarin Forms Project StructureProject StructurePlatform-specic projects act as Portable Class Library"host" to create I l . ,i or Shared Project usednative application f'"""" to hold shared code ' that denes UI andlogicFollow @raygunio on Twitter and check out raygun. io
  16. 16. iiung Syslemi + ,imii. -, 5ystem. LolleIF~ l'.4vi, .i, -or r. ii. iiiuiii iiiui-rate g yam lIHecledUsei'Setup(l: vr. ~ol Marisa-1, 7/I ... ii mg ii-. i-nwm.string Useriu. -ul,wing userruiiuanie,m~ing userllrst,w my,Iiwarlwtrter,-. ?r| "g Use-t]derIUfxe1,l*| rig_ Userlasl); . ,i. .. Li y _tlliyiJV iililKullatlr _[tiirr[. C: lVtIUe(V[r14auIll iJaulll . i iriieiaiiiri ii iimi. -tier. -mi Jurreril. G('l(. Ilur| .ll1)('f. IuIlV DPVALV . -ni1-til. LyHV.1lIr