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Warm-Up:Listen to the music. What kinds of lines would you use to illustrate this music?What colors would you use?Make a quick (3 min) sketch of the song.Creating a realistic or imitationalist figure drawing

Cut out this image and add it to your scketchbook.Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1AKA: Whistlers Mother James McNeil Whistler1871



Sistine Chapel, Mr. QuinnnWhat steps do I take to make an imitationalist figure drawing?Step 1: Create a gesture drawing During this step you are understanding the posture of the figure.You are also establishing proportions, this step is CRUCIAL to creating a realistic figure drawing.Probably the most crucial step.

Step 2: Outline clothing and define major wrinkles and value changes Using linesUsing line define outlines of the clothing.Remember we are inside clothes our clothes arent part of us.Also define major wrinkles or value changes.Are the sleeves/pants rolled or bunched, is the person sitting?

Step 3: Establish placement of details in figureWhere is the hair?Where are the facial features placed, see board?How are the fingers positioned, what about the feet?

Step 4: Add values to fabricRemember our spheres there are multiple highlights, lights, shadows, and core shadows on a figure.Is the shirt the same texture as the pants, the shoes? How can you represent different textures?

Step 5: Add value and detail to bodyCan you see the hands, where are they dark light?Add value to the face.What is the texture of the skin as compared to the clothing.Is the skin lighter, darker than the clothes?

Step 6: ALMOST DONE!!!Add details and extra values to the background.Finish up figure and turn it in

Just for fun another example