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I'll Take My Community with Chocolate Chips Community building is a lot like baking cookies. You can punch out perfectly cut cookies (platform thinking), or you can roll imperfectly beautiful balls (people thinking.) Community building isn't a recipe, but it does require a plan. Finding your ingredients – people, platform and a touch of sugar - will be messy but also fun.


  • 1. Ill Take MyCommunityWith ChocolateChipsWOMMA Summit 2012@BrainsOnFire | @GenoChurch

2. Holiday time is right around the corner my favorite parts of the holidays; family and food. 3. When I was growing up the holidays meant a lot baking which meant I got to help make cookieschocolate chip cookies the real deal the kind that came from my Moms magic touch of ingredients and love.I thought I would share some of the real deal please Vicky my cookie hostess, I have some cookies to share sorry I dont have enough for everyone so rst come rst served. 4. The real deal chocolate cookie - consisted of many parts; the ingredients, the hand mixing, the molding of balls of dough My goal against my MOMs wishes was to never make the balls the same size little ones, big ones, bustingwith chips ones 5. But, the real reason I helped yep it was selsh, was to get a cookie right after it came out of the oven.I would pick my target, and peel a soft and gooey cookie o the sheet and let it melt in my mouth. 6. Buildingcommunitiesis a lot likebaking cookies.Building Communities is a lot like Baking Cookies.Ill dig into that in a minute. 7. If you dig through Slideshare or youve been through one of the awesome WOMMA Community Certicate Programs theres a lot of information and Case Studies about ROI, Management, processes, and training allnecessary. 8. Ive given those talks sadly, I feel at times that all Ive done is given attendees a cookie cutter 9. Today is about breaking the status quo throwing away the mold and getting our hands dirty. 10. Communities are a test kitchen theyre always in beta 11. CommunityIve decide to share my daily community rant our community beliefs inside Brains on Fire.As I started digging into what I wanted to share during this presentationI went back to my past with communities, which actually started before communitywas a marketing term, a platform, a thing to be managed, and leveraged. 12. Living MessagingIn 2002, I had my chance, do I put my faith in a printing press, a television spot, a print ad, a websites to reduce teen smoking. 13. We challenged our state health department to empower 13 to 18 year oldsTo take a chance and build a community of teenagers that become living messaging, living messengers. 14. In 2006, WOMMAs very own Suzanne Fanning heard me speak about that teen led communities that were empowering conversations across South Carolina. She challenged Brains On Fire can we help Fiskars Brands build a betteremotional connection with their customers.We werent afraid to believe; you can build a community around a pair of scissors. 15. If you will believe in people remarkable things will happenmeet some self appointed super heroes for the Fiskars community of Fiskateers. 16. Communityis a way,not a place,or a platform. A way for people to connect to their passions, and to connect with others.Community is a way, not a place, or a platform.A way for people to connect to their passions, and to connect with others. 17. Acommunity rallies People around anideaor beliefA community rallies People around an idea or belief. 18. A community isnt dened by its venue 19. its not about technology. 20. Community is defined by people. People who give aA Community is dened by people. People who give a damn.Actually more than the brand. 21. A community is not an Empire for your brand.A community is not an EMPIRE for your brand. 22. The voice of the Brand should be as one of the community.The voice of the BRAND should be as one of the community. 23. A Communityis a mirror.A Community is a Mirror. A Community should be a mirror of purpose, of values, of conversations.A mirror you can hold up to the inside of a brand and to a brands customers. 24. Communities connect the unconnected.Special communities are the ones that people are wanting - but didntknow it until they found it.Communities connect the unconnected. 25. Communities areeclectic, shabby,and always in needof being tidied up.Communities are eclectic, shabby, and always in need of being tidied up. 26. Communitiesare Human.Not all days will be perfect days in a community but thats OK. Communities are human. 27. Communities share ownership.Communities share ownership. For a community to become a real-world community it has to expand outside of technology and into the lives of its members brands have to empower members to take ownership for this to happen. 28. Communities are We and Me. A community adds to a persons identity, its part of ME, it gets ME.And it gives US something a tribe of same believers. 29. For this session I wanted to open up the kitchen and share a bit about two communities that are truly still in the oven. 30. Empty Gym FloorWhos a member of a tness club, yoga studio, the YMCA show of hands?What percentage of Americans are members of a club or gym? 31. 15% Sadly the tness industry has fought for the same 15% over and over and over. 32. 65% of the 85%of Americans that arentworking out in a gymare interested in fitness,but remain non-users of aclub/gym.65% of Americans are interested in tness but remain non-users of a club/gym 33. Meet Chuck and Dave owners of Anytime Fitness 34. you might remember them from SecretMillionaire.Chuck and Dave runthe largest tness franchise in the worldyes they are successful but they felt there was a lot of work left to do. 35. They challenged us to do something about that 65% can we change the conversation? 36. the existing convo = we all know it 37. diet pills 38. bikinis 39. biceps 40. 100 lb weight loss stories 41. The current conversation treats exercise/tness/weight loss like a "goal" to be achieved, which sets it up as a failure 42. We decided to ip the convo on its head by celebrating the little things, little wins, the start. 43. So, how do you start that conversation to those folks? You become human, yes a brand can become humanit starts by not being so concerned about being in control, trying to get your point across, selling more gym membershipswhat good is it if they never come back after one day, ten days, thirty daysYou will draw people to you by creating a safe place,a nurturing place, a place that has two-way conversations, a place where people can feel like they can be themselves.Sounds easy huh not exactly. 44. We asked for help, 25 Anytime tness clubs to join us, by being open to a new conversation to engage those left out of the current tness conversation. 45. We brought those brave souls, those rebels together the beautiful thing is they all ready knew this needed to be brought into focus. 46. The Fitness Rebellion was born. 47. Meet Josh 48. Tonya a Fitness Rebel, posted Phillips, picture on her clubs Facebook page yesterday. 49. its gotten almost250 likes, 8 comments and 2 shares in one day 50. Joshs Club hosted a boot camp this weekend. Price of admission was a turkey or bag of Thanksgiving goodies for the local food pantry. 51. 23 million Americans need treatment for addiction, only 4 million Americans seek itNow lets bring the test kitchen LIVE23 million Americans need treatment for addiction, only four million americans seek it 52. Most of us, maybe all of us in this room our lives, a loved ones life, have been touched by addiction.Addiction and Recovery its lonely, its anonymous, and it faces stigmas. 53. Lee Pepper with Foundations Recovery Network wanted to challenge the status quo.They wanted to help the 19 million Americans that arent seeking help. we have to change the stigma so they will seek help.In the future there will be a collective of people connected by actions; dreams, hopes, failures, and success -- building a movement of recovery. 54. We are a community for the hopeful. We believe bringing people together is the best way to help others help themselves. By extending love, instead of passing judgment, we can share stories and help others understand that today can be the first day of their lives Day One.We are a community for the hopeful. We believe bringing people together is the best way to help others help themselves. By extending love, instead of passing judgment, we can share stories and help others understand thattoday can be the rst day of their lives Day One. 55. Lee Pepper come on up lets talk1) My rst question is WHY? Lee why did you think building a community for an issue that is most often discussed behind closed doors and what was your goal?2)The Logo a symbol a meaning 56. 1) What has happened internally since Heroes In Recovery has launched? 57. 1) Online and Oine lets talk about about how your blending online storytelling with oine F2F engagement. 58. Lets talk about the Heroes in Recovery 6ks why a 6k? 59. Lets talk about Sean Morrison 60. Sean went on a 30 day road trip 61. Sean went on a 30 day road trip 62. audioTAR 63. audioTAR 64. Break the Stigma whats this about? 65. The Journey Box 66. The competition whats happen since Heroes has launched?How does FRN dene success for the Heroes in Recovery community? 67. Ill Take MyCommunityWith ChocolateChipsWOMMA Summit 2012@BrainsOnFire | @GenoChurch


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