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<ul><li> 1. Social Recommendation Technologies<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Recommending items of interest to users<br />based on explicit or implicit preferneces<br />Problem?<br />It is the browsing that holds the golden opportunity for a recommendation system, because the user is not focused on finding a specific thing she is open to suggestions. <br />Alex Iskold, ReadWriteWeb 2007<br /> 3. User Frustration<br />Lost Business Opportunity<br /> 4. with<br />Increase Usage and Sales between%10-50<br />by<br />connecting<br />the right content<br />the right user<br />* iletken for Mobile Content Recommendations slide<br /> 5. You Need To<br />Understand the User<br />Understand the Content<br />For Giving<br />Right Content<br />to the <br />Right User<br /> 6. Content<br />Social &amp; User Network<br />User action<br />iletken Recommender System<br />Interactions<br />Content and Context<br />Customized Solution<br />Business <br />Client<br />Analytics and Feedback<br />Real Time Recommendations<br /> 7. Benefits<br />Monetize Niche Content<br />The bottom line is<br />Generate Cross Sales<br />Increase Usability<br />Sales Increase<br />10% - 50%<br />Better Customer Service<br />Targeted Reach<br /> and more<br /> 8. Awards and Global Recognition<br />3rd best recommender startup at ACMs RecSys08<br /> out of 26 projects from 15 countries worldwide<br />GeleceninternetindeTrkimzas. <br />CNN Trk 08<br />One of 5 early recommendation technologies that could shake up their niches.<br />ReadWriteWeb 08<br />iletken is a proud software partner of intel<br />iletken R&amp;D is supported by TBTAK<br /> 9. Our Hybrid Technology<br />Behavior based<br />Content based<br />Social Relevancybased<br />Context based proximity graphs<br />Natural language processing<br />Collaborative filtering<br />Metadata analysis<br />MachineLearning<br />vs<br /> 10. About iletken Technologies<br /> 11. iletken for Media Content Recommendations<br /> 12. iletken for Mobile Content Recommendations<br />Personalized targeting for<br />Life Ukraine results<br /> mobile game downloads and melodies<br />%331 Elevation on Niche Content<br />%411 Elevation on Popular Content<br />Overall %35-50 increase in subscription<br /> 13. iletken for E-Commerce Recommendations<br /> 14. Management Team<br />Seluk ATLI - CIO<br /></p> <ul><li>Semantic Web and Recommender Systems LAB, TW </li></ul> <p> 15. Fulbright Scholar and M.S. Information Technology @ RPIM. Deniz OKTAR - CEO<br /></p> <ul><li>Founded ReklamGiy</li></ul> <p>Bar Can DAYLIK - CTO<br /></p> <ul><li>Natural Language Processing &amp; MachineLearning </li></ul> <p> 16. Pardus commiter</p>