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  • FRESHERS QUIZ 2014 The Finals !
  • 1. Decades before India embarked on its quest for superpower status, the tiny princely state of Travancore had aimed it high in 1937 when it made a bid to enlist whom, as vice-chancellor of its fledgling university for a monthly pay of Rs 6,000? Hint!?
  • Hint: The blanked out face in this famous pic
  • 1.Answer:
  • 2. Back in those days, brand ambassadors were a lot more classy and so were the products they used to market! Connect the legendary Charlie Chaplin with an equally legendary brand that he is promoting...
  • 2.Answer Gillette
  • 3. Who am I? I was formed by the 50-50 venture of Amex and Warner Communication. Manhattan Design my logo for a prize of $1000. My moral influence on young people, including issues related to censorship and social activism, has been a subject of debate for some years. Some of my famous campaigns have been- Choose or lose, Fight for your rights and think. I was launched in august 1981 with a very appropriate song by the Buggles- Video killed the Radio star.
  • Answer
  • 4.Connect:
  • 4. Answer
  • 5. X was established as a patent medicine business in Mumbai in 1893 by K. Nageswara Rao Pantulu. Even today, the words Bombay are inscribed on the lid of its most well known product. Which product?
  • 5. Answer Amrutanjan Pain Balm
  • 6. X is a Finnish computer game developer, founded in 2003 as Relude, and in 2005, renamed as X. Nokia is also headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, along with other high-tech companies such as KONE,Tekla and Fortum. In Jan05, relude received its first round of investment from a business angel, and the company changed its name to Rovio Mobile. The first game developed by the trio, King of the Cabbage world, was sold to Sumea, (now Digital Chocolate), and renamed to Mole War, which became the first commercial real-time multiplayer mobile game in the world. What?
  • 6.Answer Rovio mobile/ Rovio entertainment
  • 7. Borrowed from the world of gambling, __X__ is a term used to describe stocks of a company with a national reputation for quality, reliability and the ability to operate profitably in good times and bad. Based on the idea that different tokens dictate different values ranging from lowest to highest, the phrase was coined by Oliver Gingold of Dow Jones sometime in 1923 or 1924. Company folklore recounts that the term apparently got its start when Gingold was standing by the stock ticker at the brokerage firm that later became Merrill Lynch. Noticing several trades at USD$200 or USD$250 a share or more, he said to Lucien Hooper of W.E. Hutton & Co. that he intended to return to the office to "write about these __X__ stocks." Thus the phrase was born.
  • 7.Answer Blue chip stocks
  • 8. What is a bald-hairy joke in Russian Politics?
  • 8. Pic-clue
  • 8. Answer It is a common joke in Russian political discourse, referring to the empirical rule of the state leaders' succession defined as a change of a bald leader with a hairy one and vice versa. This consistent pattern can be traced back until as early as 1825, when Nicholas I succeeded his late brother Alexander as the Russian Emperor. Nicholas I's son Alexander II formed the first "baldhairy" pair of the sequence with his father.
  • 9. X is a term used to indicate a group of former Y employees and founders who have since founded and developed additional technology companies such as Tesla Motors, LinkedIn, Palantir Technologies, SpaceX, YouTube, Yelp Inc and Yammer. What?
  • 9. Answer PayPal Mafia
  • 10. Print ad for what?
  • 10. Answer
  • 11. Frequently described as one of the most original and beautiful stadia in the world, X is the home ground for Y. An article in the Financial Times once wrote this about the stadium: There has been nothing in this country to match the architectural delight of Eduardo Souto de Mouras stadium for Y, a breath taking arena carved into the side of a rock face on the site of a former quarry The architect Eduardo Souto de Moura also won the Z prize for constructing Y ,which honours architectural achievements attributed to a living architect- the Nobel prize for architecture. X, Y, Z please ?? (5 points per part for X and Y)(10 points for Z)
  • Estadio Municipale De Braga. Home of C.F. Braga
  • 12. ________ is a term given to a Sufi saint who is at a very high level of spiritual enlightenment. Being above all wandering sufi saints and dervishes, they are most likely be free from all attachments of this material world. Songs praising them have been called _______ dhamaal; which may be adapted according to various regional folk traditions. The most famous of these songs has been attributed to Amir Khusro (and later Baba Bulleh Shah) and is very famous as a spiritual song especially for the Sindhi people. This song has been made famous by many singers from both sides of the border, like Abida Parveen, Runa Laila, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan etc. You are most likely to hear this song with Sindhi lyrics. Fill in the blanks.
  • Qalandar Dama dam Mast Qalandar !
  • 13. Habiburrahman Dastageeri created a mobile app called Amir, Arabic for Guide in 2012. Since then it has been considered a must-have for a certain purpose. Dastageeri recounted the necessity for this app saying, I realized that it was not as easy as I had imagined. My family was prepared for it, but there was so much that anyone could not have known. He was especially elated with the fact that his creation is going to benefit millions and millions of people year on year. What is Amir specifically about ?
  • App for guiding Hajj pilgrims around the Kaaba for the rituals !
  • 14. A _____ ______ is in essence a confrontation among three opponents armed with guns. The tactics for such a confrontation are substantially different from a duel where the first to shoot has an advantage. In a confrontation between three mutually hostile people A, B, C; the first to shoot is at a tactical disadvantage because the C might shoot A while he is busy shooting B, and thus survive. This generally gives rise to complicated ally calculations and non-verbal signals among the participants to ensure the survival of two people. What is this term, made famous by many epic movies ??
  • Mexican Standoff !
  • 15. In April 1934, a bronze likeness statue of X, was erected at Shibuya Station and X himself was present there. The statue was recycled for the war effort during the Second WW. In 1948, Takeshi Ando, son of the original creator was commissioned to make another version of the statue. The station entrance to Shibuya near this statue is called X-guchi, meaning the X-Entrance/Exit. A similar statue of X stands at his home town of Odate, in the railway station. Who is X, immortalized and admired for unfailing loyalty and subject of a famous movie in USA ?
  • Hachiko
  • 16. William Ernest Henley is generally remembered for this one famous poem. One of his legs was amputated due to complications arising from tuberculosis. After this amputation, he received news of another operation to be done on the other leg. However, this time he choose X as his doctor, who was a pioneer of antiseptic surgery. Under Xs care, Henley was able to keep his other leg by going through intensive surgery. It was at this critical juncture of life, recovering at an infirmary that Henley wrote his famous poem Y. Also, his impoverished childhood, along with various trials and tribulations of his life are the primary undertone to the poem. Which famous poem, that has also been adapted into a biographical movie (think 46664) with the same name ? Also, who is doctor X, someone who i


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